VNPT eKYC – Digital Identity Solution Make in Vietnam

4:09:52 PM | 10/11/2020

The VNPT eKYC e-identity platform is recognized as an indispensable technology in the 4.0 era. Therefore, VNPT's eKYC solution will help businesses confidently enter the digital transformation process and increase their competitive advantage in the market.

eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) is a method of identifying electronic customers, allowing businesses to identify customers 100% online. Accordingly, instead of going directly to the office or customer service center to compare paper documents, with eKYC, customers can verify information at home, using the services of the business at any time or anywhere. This solution is considered as an essential foundation for businesses to carry out digital transformation in the 4.0 era.

As a comprehensive identity solution package, VNPT eKYC provides 4 main features, including: Fraud check, Paper verification, Portrait authentication and Unsatisfactory paper detection. Besides, the VNPT eKYC solution also has additional custom features, in accordance with the requirements of each business such as: GPS navigation; Save video call; Change video call background and Multi language support...

To implement these outstanding features, VNPT has developed eKYC solutions based on the world's most modern technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Biometrics Authentication,...

In particular, AI technology is used for portrait authentication, based on the mechanism of matching real faces with faces on papers. This technology also has the function of separating text content on photos to save in the database, so that users do not have to enter data manually. Notably, the AI ​​models used in the solution are self-researched, designed and developed by VNPT engineers team.

In addition, VNPT eKYC also uses Blockchain technology to store customer information on multiple storage places (Node) of the system, transaction information. In particular, the Blockchain feature also allows businesses to monitor and compare original data with modified data, ensuring absolute transparency and safety for customers.

With the above preeminent features, the VNPT eKYC solution package will help organizations and businesses save time, cost as well as improve information accuracy compared to manual methods that use the naked eye to observe the paperwork and compare actual customer portraits.

Especially, in the increasing personalization environment, the introduction of eKYC solutions will help businesses bring better service experiences to their customers. Therefore, businesses can reach more potential customers and improve business efficiency.

This solution is being operated by VNPT on website according to SaaS model (Software-as-a-Service). Therefore, businesses can quickly deploy services anywhere, anytime.

Along with that, VNPT eKYC is supported for both Android and IOS platforms, to meet the maximum needs of customers.

VNPT's eKYC solution has received many domestic and international awards such as: Vietnam Talent Award 2019, Breakthrough Award in using technology in customer care at the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2020 and Access security & identity category for the 2020 International Business Stevie Awards.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum