VNPT E-Invoices brings benefits to businesses

4:14:57 PM | 11/10/2020

VNPT E-Invoices will bring many benefits to businesses when they are required to use electronic invoices, replacing traditional paper invoices from July 1, 2022.

According to Law on Tax Administration No. 38/2019 / QH14 from July 1, 2022, businesses are required to use electronic invoices. This is considered as a drastic policy, enhancing transparency and helping tax authorities monitor, as well as supervise economic activities, ...

In particular, on the business side, the use of e-invoice will bring several core benefits, from cost savings to innovation in the way of operation.

Save time & cost

To use traditional paper invoices, businesses will have to invest a lot of expenses such as printing, transporting, storing invoices, ... According to survey data of the General Department of Taxation, the highest cost that enterprises using self-printed invoices is about 2,500 VND / bill. The highest cost to order printing invoices is 2,000 VND / bill.

Meanwhile, an e-invoice only costs from 300 VND. Not to mention that businesses will not incur shipping or storage costs. It is estimated that this type of invoice will help businesses save 80% of costs compared to paper bills.

Along with that, the time to deliver - receive invoices will be shortened from a few days to a few minutes because the whole process of writing and issuing invoices are worked on computers. After a few clicks, receivers will receive invoices anywhere, as long as an Internet connection is required.

Prevent bill counterfeiting

For e-invoice, the tax authority will use a separate authentication code. Specifically, the seller will issue an invoice, digitally sign it and send it to the tax authority's system. Then, this agency will issue a unique code and attach it to that e-invoice. So this is the kind of invoice that cannot be counterfeited.

Businesses can also easily check the origin of invoices through the above code by accessing the webstite of the e-invoice service provider to compare and check.

Reduce administrative procedures

One of the jobs that takes a lot of time and effort in those businesses is reporting on the use of invoices every quarter. However, with the e-invoice, businesses do not need to make the above report because all information is stored by the General Department of Taxation through the software system.

Electronic invoice solution won the International Gold Award

As a pioneer in the digital transformation in Vietnam, VNPT Group has built and developed many modern and preeminent technology solutions, including VNPT E-INVOICE.

This solution allows customers to quickly connect with available software of the business such as sales software, accounting software. Thanks to that, the invoice issuance process is quick and convenient. At the same time, businesses can statistic, report, export data to tax declaration programs such as HTKK, TVAN, ... thereby saving significantly time in making tax returns.

VNPT E-INVOICE. is developed based on modern security technologies, increasing the safety of customer data.

Specifically, corporate data will be stored on servers located in VNPT's IDC system that meeting international Tier3 standards and multiple Firewall security layers. So, data is automatically backed up, never lost and can be re-downloaded at any time. Especially, when using VNPT E-INVOICE, businesses will be kept free of charge data for 10 years.

As an affirmation of the outstanding quality of VNPT E-INVOICE, this solution has just won the Gold award in the Financial Management Breakthrough Award category at the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2020. This is an award. prestigious international awards, marking the breakthrough of Vietnamese technology solutions to the world market.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum