Customs Steps Up Fight against Animal Trafficking

1:04:56 PM | 18/11/2020

GDC recently requested the Anti-smuggling Investigation Bureau and local customs departments to step up the fight against smuggling and illegal transport of animals and animal products across the border.

GDC told relevant units to thoroughly and effectively execute the Prime Minister's Decision 1632/QD-TTg dated October 22, 2020 approving the “National Program for prevention of foot-and-mouth disease in the 2021 - 2025 period”.

Agency leaders are responsible for directing and urging their affiliated units to base on their tasks, powers and actual situations to strengthen professional measures to determine methods, tricks, rings, hideaways and people illegally trading and transporting livestock and animal products; actively formulate a strategic, effective and determined combat plans to prevent serious smuggling cases in their areas.

At the same time, they need to coordinate with competent agencies and local authorities to exchange information, detect and handle violations.

In Decision 1632/QD-TTg above, the Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Finance to direct customs forces to lead and closely coordinate with central and local competent agencies to prevent smuggling of cattle and animal products across the border gates.

By Huong Hau, Vietnam Business Forum