Realizing Vision of Turning Vietnam into Information Security Power

10:44:36 AM | 1/12/2021

The project “Training and developing human resources for information security in 2021-2025” has recently been approved by the Prime Minister.

Accordingly, the project aims to organize 3,000 short-term training courses on knowledge, skills, and techniques of information security for full-time or part-time information security technicians of State and Party agencies, sociopolitical organizations, enterprises, and the national incident response network and open 1,000 short-term training courses on information security management, profession, and skills for leaders and managers of Party and State agencies, sociopolitical organizations and businesses.

At the same time, the project will open 6,000 short-term training courses on information security knowledge and skills for employees working with information technology devices at Party and State agencies, sociopolitical organizations, and businesses.

The project also sets out other specific objectives, including training 200 security experts to shield Party and State information systems and sending 150 information security lecturers and researchers to study abroad, including at least 70 doctors; and training 5,000 masters, engineers and bachelors of information security.

By Ha Linh, Vietnam Business Forum