LOTTE Mart Global Joins Hands to Improve Water Sources in Ca Mau

2:25:16 PM | 31/3/2021

LOTTE Mart Global has recently signed a cooperation agreement with Save the Children – a non-governmental organization to implement the project to improve water sources in Ca Mau Province.

This is the third year that LOTTE Mart Global has gone hand in hand with Save the Children in carrying out such a practical project to help residents in Ca Mau have access to sustainable water sources and improve hygiene conditions and living quality. Under the newly signed agreement, LOTTE Mart will continue installing rainwater collecting equipment and water filtering devices for residents in rural areas of Ca Mau Province.

Since 2019, LOTTE Mart has spent part of the sales of PB “Save Water” bottled drinking water funding the “Natural disaster risk reduction based on the community in vulnerable areas in the Mekong Delta” project. After two years, through this project, 13.1 million bottles of water have been sold to customers, raising funds of nearly VND7 billion (approximately 330 million South Korean won).

Mr. Kang Sung-hyun (left), General Director of LOTTE Mart Global, at the cooperation agreement signing ceremony held on March 19 at the office of Save the Children in Seoul, Korea.

This year, the product has been changed to “Save Water ECO” – a PB bottled drinking water without labels so as to reduce waste and improve the recycling efficiency by eliminating the use of labels on the cartons containing drinking water bottles. Part of the sales of “Save Water ECO,” an environmentally-friendly bottled drinking water, will be used for the project to improve the hygiene of Vietnam’s drinking water and to reduce the aftermath of natural calamities, which helps support 11,359 local residents.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held at the office of Save the Children in South Korea, Mr. Kang Sung-hyun, General Director of LOTTE Mart Global, said, “Clean water sources and hygiene are among the sustainable development targets of the United Nations. LOTTE Mart will continue to launch environmentally-friendly products and strive to bring sustainable values to consumers.”

According to Save the Children, the Mekong Delta, the lower part of the Mekong River in Vietnam, has the highest risk of natural disasters the world over, including floods, tornadoes and saltwater intrusion. In its third year, the project will not only supply clean water for the region, but also implement an education program to timely warn people of natural disasters and set up a system to cope with such calamities, at the same time raising public awareness of the importance of preparedness and response to natural disasters.

The project has solved several issues for life, bringing positive efficiency to the community

Over the past two years, the project has been implemented in Tam Giang Tay and Vien An communes in Ngoc Hien District, and Phu Tan and Nguyen Viet Khai communes in Phu Tan District, Ca Mau Province. The project has funded 100 rainwater containers, and 100 toilets with plastic septic tanks for poverty-stricken households in the four communes. In addition, the project has also funded the installation of 30 loudspeakers for early warning in populated areas in 56 hamlets; handed out 160 compost tanks and guidance on waste sorting; and built two swimming pools and roofs for two schools. Given such practical supports and solutions for local residents, the project has brought about positive effectiveness to the community.

With the commitment to sustainable development in Vietnam, over the past years, LOTTE Mart Vietnam (under LOTTE Mart Global) has coordinated with many international organizations to implement activities to keep the environment green, clean and beautiful for Vietnam. In 2019, LOTTE Mart cooperated with Good Neighbors International in spending VND1.4 billion carrying out the clean water and hygiene project in Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province. Last year, the “LOTTE Love Human” program with a series of practical activities in the fields of education, health care, humanities, recycling and environmental protection has brought positive values to the community.

“As a Korean retailer pioneering in investing in the Vietnamese market, apart from its business development goal, LOTTE Mart has also carried out the task of bringing a better life for Vietnamese people. Over the past 12 years of operation in Vietnam, we have had activities for the community. LOTTE Mart has also encouraged the green and clean shopping trend among Vietnamese consumers in order to protect the living environment of Vietnamese people,” said a representative of LOTTE Mart Vietnam.

Nam Pham (Vietnam Business Forum)