VSS to Launch National Insurance Database

1:02:03 PM | 15/4/2021

The Government of Vietnam recently issued Decree 43/2021/ND-CP on the national insurance database, scheduled to be deployed from June 1, 2021.

This national database covers social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, health information, social security and other information recognized by competent authorities. The national database is built uniformly by the Government, used by agencies, organizations and individuals to provide accurate and timely insurance information for State administration, to meet socio-economic development requirements and ensure legitimate requirements of agencies, organizations and individuals.

The national insurance database includes 9 information groups: social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance (original data), personal data, citizen contact information, household information, employer information, basic medical information and social security information.

The Government assigned the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) to administer the national insurance database, hold responsibility to build, update, maintain, and use the national insurance database; work with central and local agencies to collect, update and correct information in the national insurance database; provide information on the national insurance database in accordance with Decree 47/2020/ND-CP dated April 9, 2020 on management, connection and sharing of digital data of state agencies; connect and provide data from the national insurance database to the National Data Portal for agencies, organizations and individuals to mine information. The connection and sharing of information must meet regulations on State secrets, personal secrets, family secrets and privacy according to Decree 47/2020/ND-CP.

In addition, the VSS will be responsible for reviewing regulations and procedures with respect to social insurance, unemployment insurance and health insurance to simplify personal papers in connection with data from the national insurance database; managing and operating the system smoothly and continuously, ensure good infrastructure for data connection and exchange; work with the Ministry of Information and Communications to formulate plans and solutions to respond to incidents of information safety and network security for national insurance information and database systems, figure out solutions to ensure security of national insurance database; coordinate with the Ministry of Information and Communications and concerned agencies to technical infrastructure, data exchange structures, and data sharing regulations and procedures.

Decree 43/2021/ND-CP serves as a legal basis for construction, collection, update, maintenance, mining, use and management of national insurance database for State management; implementation of policies on social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance to meet needs of agencies, organizations and people; administrative procedure reform; strong information technology application; and one of important foundations for e-government construction.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum