ANHUCO Goes Green with Textile and Garment Industry

9:50:34 AM | 31/5/2021

With 15 years of operation (2006 - 2021), An Hung Joint Stock Company (ANHUCO) has established a solid foothold in the textile and garment market and become a major textile and garment company of Phu Yen province and of Vietnam as a whole. This success came from its prestige and product quality, and from its focus on investment for technological equipment, increased application of modern scientific advances to production and high value-added product lines to meet the rising standards of customers.

ANHUCO, officially established in 2006, manufactures and trades garment products for export to global markets; and imports and exports machinery, equipment and inputs for the textile and garment industry. After 15 years of development, ANHUCO has heavily invested in modern factories, gradually expanded its production scale and market and increased production capacity. From 12 sewing lines with about 500 employees at the beginning, the company now has 2,376 employees and five affiliated enterprises (An Hung, An Phu, An Thinh, An Phat and Veston) with 47 sewing lines that manufacture nearly 5 million products a year. In 2020, ANHUCO put into operation the Factory Cluster 1 - Veston Factory in An Hung Factory Cluster Project, which makes 300,000 upmarket suites a year and An Thinh 2 Factory with 20 sewing lines in Dong Phuoc village, Hoa An commune, Phu Hoa district.

With its intensive investment, ANHUCO’s production system has been increasingly upgraded to meet the standards and requirements of partners, especially from the United States. The company’s products are granted the certificate for self-quality inspection from JCPenney. With outstanding quality, ANHUCO has quickly become a prestigious partner of domestic and international customers. Its products are exported to the United States (accounting for 85%), Europe and Asia. Its major customers include Gap and JCPenney.

Compared to the first 5-year operation, ANHUCO's revenue increased by 5.8 times, the export value by 5.3 times, the workforce by 1.8 times, and the worker salary by 4.23 times. In 2016-2020, by actively capturing and serving market demand and approaching and expanding into potential new markets, ANHUCO has made comprehensive and sustainable development and deeply integrated into the global supply chain to make an average revenue growth of 10.17% a year; an average export growth of 5.21%, and average income growth of 15%. In the past 15 years, the company has always successfully fulfilled its financial obligations to the State budget. ANHUCO was honored with the Third Class Labor Order, the Second Class Labor Order and many other prestigious national and international awards in recognition of its important contributions to the industrial production development of Phu Yen province and Vietnam.

Ms. Huynh Thi Khiet, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and General Director of ANHUCO, said, to have this success, ANHUCO has always ensured its prestige, highest product quality and delivery time for customers. In addition, the company focuses on investing, building synchronous infrastructure, advanced machinery and equipment, applying modern science and technology to production to create high value-added products and adopting the Green Program of the Vietnamese textile and garment industry to better meet stringent quality requirements of customers.

Revealing the future development, she said that in order to stand firm in the context of fierce competition in the current garment market, ANHUCO has been, and will be, promoting investment in facilities and automatic equipment; modernizing production to meet increasingly high quality standards. It has established an advanced and professional production system, ensured the delivery schedule, and strengthened the company's reputation for domestic and international customers. The company has also focused on investing in building the infrastructure system, and created a friendly and positive working environment with increasingly modern equipment and technology to meet increasing design standards. This is also a decisive factor for the sustainable and effective development of ANHUCO as a leading textile and garment company of Vietnam on the international arena.

By Thanh Tung, Vietnam Business Forum