Improving Operation Quality of NSW and ASW

10:48:13 AM | 7/20/2021

As a standing body of the National Steering Committee on ASEAN Single Window (ASW), National Single Window (NSW) and Trade Facilitation (Committee 1899), in the first six months of 2021, the General Department of Vietnam Customs urged and closely coordinated with relevant bodies to carry out the Master Plan for NSW and ASW Implementation and Trade Facilitation.

Regarding NSW implementation, the General Department worked with concerned agencies and sectors to actively execute the plan. From the beginning of the year to June 15, 19 new administrative procedures were connected, with 319,272 records filed by 3,886 enterprises.

From its launch (piloted in late 2014) to June 15, 2021, as many as 226 administrative procedures administered by 13 ministries and central agencies were officially delivered on the National Single Window, with approximately 3.89 million records submitted by 47,700 registered businesses.

In addition to adding new administrative procedures, the standing body is coordinating with relevant ministries and sectors to develop a master plan on building and developing an information technology system for NSW and ASW implementation.

Regarding the ASW implementation, Vietnam has to date officially exchanged information on electronic Certificate of Origin Form D with all nine ASEAN member countries.

From January 1 to June 15, 2021, Vietnam received 107,152 C/O from ASEAN countries, while it granted 622,987 C/O to other countries. From the official operation (January 1, 2018) to June 15, 2021, the respective figures were 366,458 C/O and 939,460 C/O.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum