Electricity Prices to Be Reduced for Customers Affected by Pandemic

8:49:48 AM | 8/2/2021

The Prime Minister on July 31 agreed with the proposal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) on the fourth phase of electricity price reduction for certain customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The MoIT and the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) proposed the PM reduce electricity bills for living purposes of customers in provinces and cities that are applying social distancing order according to the Government Directive 16.

Accordingly, EVN will cut electricity prices by 15% (before VAT) for consumers consuming less than 200kWh per month and by 10% (before VAT) for those consuming over 200kWh per month.

The price reduction will be applied in two months and will include the August and September electricity bill periods.

In addition, the beneficiaries also include quarantine facilities which do not collect quarantine costs or collect part of the quarantine costs.

These facilities will receive 100% reductions on electricity bills in the seven months from June to December 2021.

Source: NDO