Thai Hoa Positioned to Be Western Urban Center of Nghe An Province

8:48:35 AM | 8/26/2021

Nghe An Provincial Party Committee recently adopted a resolution on construction and development of Thai Hoa into a Northwest urban center of Nghe An province. Thai Hoa will be upgraded into a third-class urban area by 2025, meeting the standard of a city affiliated with Nghe An province in 2021-2026. This approach has facilitated Thai Hoa to attract investment funds and create momentum for development.

Focus on infrastructure investment to reach third-class urban standards

Thai Hoa Town is carrying out its right vision, decision and cooperation to form a new modern city, an economic, cultural and social center in the northwest of Nghe An province.

Thai Hoa City affirms its central role as a trading hub and the most important gateway in northwest Nghe An. Its arterial traffic routes like Ho Chi Minh Road, Highways 48A, 48E, 48D, 15A, and Thai Hoa - Hoang Mai Road all converge in Thai Hoa. Particularly, with a variety of traffic modes, Thai Hoa easily connects to many large economic zones and industrial zones in the central region such as Nghi Son Economic Zone (Thanh Hoa), Vung Ang Economic Zone (Ha Tinh), Hoang Mai Industrial Park, WHA - Nghi Loc Industrial Park, and VSIP Industrial Park in Vinh City. These advantages are favorable conditions for Thai Hoa to diversify economic types and develop trade with other localities and Laos.

Expanding private investment for socio-economic development

During a regular meeting of the Standing Board of the Nghe An Provincial Party Committee in May 2021, the committee adopted a resolution on the construction and development of Thai Hoa into a central urban area in the northwest of Nghe An. This resolution directs the construction of Thai Hoa Town into a central urban area that works to motivate, link and promote the socio-economic development of the northwest, thus fostering socio-economic development, strengthening national defense and security, improving the material and spiritual life of the people. Thai Hoa will be built into a third-grade urban area by 2025 and a provincially governed motivational city in the west of Nghe An in 2021-2026.

The draft resolution clearly states that Thai Hoa must focus on developing serviced industrial zones, developing transport infrastructure, building model urban areas, and especially attracting investment funds from large corporations across the country to develop the local economy.

While developing industry and services, the Provincial Party Committee also stated that the city must be built synchronously with model urban areas in the new period, with a vision to 2030, ensuring social security and safety and improving people’s life quality. Currently, the locality has attracted a lot of investors to build and develop model urban residences such as Vincom Shophouse Thai Hoa Central Urban Area, TNR Stars Thai Hoa Urban Area and Thai Hoa Oil and Gas Urban Area. However, it is necessary to accelerate the development of commerce, services and urban areas to make Thai Hoa a key city in the northwest of not only Nghe An province but also the Northern Central Coast in 2021 - 2026, with a vision to 2030.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum