Entrepreneur - Veteran Nguyen Van Quyen: Dedicated, Responsible to the Community

9:08:25 AM | 9/1/2021

Nearly 30 years after leaving the army (Regiment 141, Division 312) for home, Entrepreneur - Veteran Nguyen Van Quyen has always preserved, promoted and proliferated the virtues and traditions of Uncle Ho’s warriors anytime, anywhere.

Following the Department of Planning and Investment of Ninh Binh province to visit Xuan Quyen Construction Co., Ltd, led by Director Quyen, an enthusiastic Party Secretary who I have met for nearly five years, I had the chance to see him again. To my eyes, he looks like a young man who keeps his agile style, his warm voice and loud laughter. His eyes are shining with energy, determination and kindness.  Besides, all levels of Party and government from Ninh Binh province to Gia Vien district and to Gia Lac commune, the business community, local people, employees and family members all share the same viewpoint: "Quyen is enthusiastic, dedicated and always sharing with his homeland, business, community and family.”

As matter of fact, since its inception in 2003, Xuan Quyen Construction Co., Ltd specializes in civil engineering construction, building material trading, clay-based building material production, shipbuilding and floating structures (pontoon bridges), specialized construction (construction of cultural and sports facilities), and road transportation support services (traffic toll collection for ferries and bridges). The company has focused on investing in building a high-tech tunnel brick factory and in modern machinery and equipment for many local construction projects of different scales. Its projects included dikes, roads, schools, cultural houses and houses built for comrades and people with great sacrifice to the nation. The pontoon bridge over the Hoang Long River in Dong Chua Ferry Station in Gia Lac commune is especially facilitating travelling.

More specifically, despite being a private enterprise, Xuan Quyen Construction Co., Ltd still concentrates on building socio-political organizations such as Party cell, trade union, youth union and women's union. Doing so, Entrepreneur - Veteran Nguyen Van Quyen can keep more intimate contact, share with and understand his employees; inspire them to have strong political courage, solidarity, attachment and responsibility. The company has become a warm, responsible roof for the community.

When referring to these meaningful and responsible activities, Director Nguyen Van Quyen humbly said, “The present growth of Xuan Quyen Construction Co., Ltd has partly resulted from the care of leaders of Ninh Binh province, Gia Vien district, Gia Lac commune and relevant agencies of all tiers in the past time.”

He added, the core value of the company is always consistent with the goal of “Taking the people as the root, developing and building the homeland as the center of action”. Therefore, under the direction of the central government, Ninh Binh province and its agencies, and Gia Vien district on new countryside development, the company always sides with poor communes to build urgent social welfare works. Its fund for each commune amounts from VND3 billion to VND50 billion. For example, Gia Lac, Gia Minh, Gia Trung, Gia Thinh, Gia Hoa and Gia Vuong communes had their urgent works constructed by the company. Furthermore, the enterprise is also concerned about policy-benefiting families, families with meritorious services to the revolution and families of wounded soldiers. It also supports restoring communal houses and pagodas, builds houses of gratitude for poor veterans, visits and encourages local policy families and the elderly with generous financing every year.

When the community, homeland, and country are jointly built by Xuan Quyen, that happiness spreads to everyone, every home!

Source: Vietnam Business Forum