VCCI Steps up Business Support in Last Four Months 2021

8:40:51 AM | 9/14/2021

On September 8, 2021, the 14th Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) of the sixth term ratified VCCI's work plan for the last four months of 2021, with a focus on support for businesses and business associations.

In a summary report on working performance in the first eight months of 2021 and the working plan for the last four months of the year, Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, General Secretary of VCCI, said that in the first eight months of 2021 VCCI actively carried out main tasks stated in the Resolution of the 13th Meeting of the Executive Committee, the sixth term, the Staff Conference and the Work Review in 2020. The quantifiable achievements included a 7.5% growth from the same period of 2020. The core activities produced good results as expected.

The remarkable activities included regularly researching, surveying and summarizing economic and business situations, and advising and proposing timely and effective solutions to the Government for socioeconomic development and business support solutions amid the COVID-19 pandemic; promoting its role in consulting and drafting laws and policies, advising the Party and the Government; boosting trade and investment promotion; and representing employers and supporting businesses to improve competitiveness, international integration and sustainable development.

However, he also frankly admitted that VCCI's activities still revealed certain limitations and shortcomings. Specifically, VCCI could not fulfil its overall tasks (completing about 80% of the plan) and some key activities were carried out behind schedule. The impact of Covid-19 led to delays, adjustments and even cancellations of many activities like training courses, market surveys, workshops and international conferences.

Regarding preparations for the 7th VCCI Congress, Mr. Vinh said that the Party Union, the Standing Committee and the Executive Committee actively did this work for nearly a year. Preparatory contents for the congress were well made.

At the 13th Meeting of the Executive Committee on March 10, 2021, the Standing Committee reported to the Executive Committee all the preparatory contents of the next congress, including renaming the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and corresponding amendments to the VCCI Charter; the Personnel Plan for the Executive Board; and draft Congress documents. So far, important work for the 7th VCCI National Congress of the 2021-2026 term is being completed under the direction of the VCCI Secretariat.

VCCI General Secretary Nguyen Quang Vinh said, in addition to regular tasks, in the last four months of 2021, VCCI will focus on the following key tasks and solutions:

First, keeping up the VCCI Action Program to carry out directives and resolutions of the Party and the Government: Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, Resolution 09/NQ-BCT on building and promoting entrepreneurial roles; and directives and resolutions of the Government and Prime Minister such as Resolution 02/NQ-CP and Resolution 35/NQ-CP.

In particular, key tasks are working with the Central Committee for Mass Mobilization to summarize the 10-year execution of the Politburo’s Resolution 09 on building and promoting entrepreneurial roles, proposing to the Politburo solutions on continued implementation of resolutions in the coming time.

Second, keeping on national programs, projects, schemes and tasks on improving the business environment and enhancing corporate competitiveness; promoting sustainable development projects; representing employers; grasping opportunities from FTAs ​​and the shift of production and supply chains and FDI flows; supporting businesses in international integration; and supporting capacity building of trade associations.

Third, effectively gathering and supporting businesses to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, restore and develop production and business. To do this, in September 2021, VCCI will urgently establish and operate the Business Cooperation Council in response to the COVID-19 pandemic after consulting the Executive Committee.

Fourth, taking steps for the early opening of the seventh VCCI Congress with the following tasks: Reviewing and finalizing reports of previous meetings approved by the Executive Committee and submitted to competent authorities for opinion and carrying out events and logistics services for the Congress. The Seventh VCCI Congress may be held online and offline at the same time.

Fifth, further consolidating and reforming working methods and personnel apparatus; reviewing and rearranging the staff; building a new salary-based mechanism for work performance, intensifying labor discipline, upholding creativity, enhancing coordination, and upgrading performance of specialized agencies and affiliated units, as well as of each employee.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum