Preventing Origin Fraudulence in Lang Son

8:02:19 AM | 9/20/2021

As some enterprises are deliberately declaring falsified origin of goods to evade taxes, Lang Son Customs has requested border-gate customs offices to intensify inspection, supervision and prevention of wrongful acts.

Lang Son Customs has recorded some companies with fraudulent acts of origin, improper labeling of goods, infringement of intellectual property rights, and illegal transshipment of goods across borders.

Lang Son Customs has regularly collected information about exporters and importers; analyzed products with high likelihood of falsified pricing, commodities subject to high tariffs, conditional imports and exports, intellectual property-protected goods and businesses with high-risk profile.

In July, Lang Son Customs detected and handled three violating companies that falsely declared origin of commodities imported through Huu Nghi International Border Gate. Since then, the Customs Office of Huu Nghi Border Gate issued a decision to impose administrative fines on violators.

Tran Hoang Vietnam Co., Ltd declared nine procedures for Form A11 to import pruning scissors made of plated iron and plastic; air filters and oil filters (parts of air compressors); and water filter cores (parts of water purifiers) from China. However, this company declared the origin of Japan for pruning shears and the origin of Germany, Mexico, India and the USA for the remaining items.

Also falsely declaring the origin of USA on 11 declaration forms for import of oil filters and air filters from China, TOPSTAR Vietnam Technology Co., Ltd was fined VND1.5 million by the Customs Office of Huu Border Gate.

An official from Lang Son Customs Department said trade fraudulence, aimed to illegally transport goods through customs declaration, remains complicated. In particular, origin falsification is used to seek higher profit and dodge tariff, which is very troublesome for customs authorities. Specially, many companies often take advantage of easier electronic customs clearances to falsify names, quantities, types, codes and origin of goods or take advantage of e-commerce or independent delivery for commercial fraudulence and tax evasion.

Lang Son Customs Department directed border-gate customs offices to collect more information about businesses, especially those already committing smuggling and trade fraud through customs declarations; and analyzed commodity flow results to promptly detect and prevent wrongdoings.

Lang Son Customs Department has coordinated relevant bodies to drastically and effectively apply professional customs control measures; strengthen online supervision and information provision for border-gate customs offices to scan and inspect any major items at risk of origin fraud, improper labeling, illegal transshipment, intellectual property violations, and falsification of names, quantities and types of commodities; actively and closely inspect and control imports and exports, especially sensitive consumer goods, to quickly uncover acts of smuggling, commercial fraudulence and tax evasion that have caused loss of tax paid to the State Budget.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum