Investment Flows into Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Rise in Jan-Sep

9:00:35 AM | 11/10/2021

The Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks’ Authority licensed 34 investment projects capitalized at US$928.99 million and allowed 21 domestic and foreign investment projects to increase their investment by VND5,015.41 billion (US$210 million) in the first nine months of 2021.

Local industrial parks attracted 10 new DDI projects and witnessed two projects expand their investment fund with a total value of VND5,015.41 billion (VND4,848.51 billion for fresh projects and VND166.9 billion for existing projects), equal to 699% of the value in the same period of 2020 (as they drew three infrastructure investment projects for industrial parks) and equal to 108% of the plan in 2021. They welcomed 24 new FDI projects and witnessed 19 projects raise their investment budget with a total registered value of US$928.99 million (US$840.91 million for new projects and US$88.08 million for existing projects), equal to 405% of the value in the same period of 2020 and equal to 99% of the full-year plan in 2021.

To date, industrial parks in Vinh Phuc province have accommodated 404 projects, including 75 domestic investment projects (VND19,428.61 billion of investment capital) and 329 FDI projects (US$5.38 billion.)

By destination, Khai Quang Industrial Park attracted 90 projects, including 12 DDI projects (VND820.6 billion) and 78 FDI projects (US$1,221.49 million). 84 projects are in operation. The occupancy rate reached 94%.

Binh Xuyen Industrial Park attracted 122 projects, including 38 DDI projects (VND3,790.63 billion) and 84 FDI projects (US$1,275.27 million). 101 projects are in production. The occupancy rate is 92%.

Binh Xuyen II Industrial Park (Phase 1) attracted 57 FDI projects (US$303.45 million), all already in operation. The occupancy rate is 100%.

Ba Thien Industrial Park drew 36 projects, including five DDI projects (VND2,883.35 billion) and 31 FDI projects (US$886.72 million). 30 projects have been put into production. The occupancy rate is 75%.

Ba Thien II Industrial Park attracted 56 projects, including three DDI projects (VND1,738.21 billion) and 53 FDI projects (US$875.64 million.) 46 projects are in operation. The occupancy rate is 68%.

Thang Long Vinh Phuc Industrial Park attracted 31 projects, including six DDI projects (VND1,109.58 billion) and 25 FDI ​​projects (US$720.76 million). 11 projects are operational. The occupancy rate is 63%.

Tam Duong II Industrial Park- Zone A drew six DDI projects (VND3,037.20 billion), with one put into production. The occupancy rate is 42%.

Son Loi, Song Lo I, Song Lo II and Tam Duong I - Section 2 are under construction.

In the first nine months of 2021, investors in industrial parks disbursed VND518.34 billion for DDI projects, raising the total disbursed value to VND8,011.36 billion, or 41% of the registered investment capital. They spent US$303.31 million for FDI projects, bringing its total disbursed value to US$2,935.39 million or 55% of registered investment capital.

In the last months of 2021, the Vinh Phuc Management Board of Industrial Parks will further boost investment promotion, and selectively attract investment projects that feature sustainable development and environmental protection. It is expected to woo 5-8 new FDI projects (US$30-40 million) and three DDI projects (VND270 billion).

At the same time, it will speed up the implementation of 5-6 more projects. FDI projects will disburse US$92 million and DDI projects will spend VND60 - 70 billion.

By Nguyet Tham, Vietnam Business Forum