“Whoever raises fish for IDI but loses, I will pay for compensation with my own money“

12:50:42 PM | 12/31/2021

“It is a valid assertion and has proof that the model of linked farming areas between IDI and farmers is absolutely correct. IDI has gone ahead to successfully build a closed pangasius production chain, in line with market rules by harmonizing the interests of both parties,” Chairman of the Board of Directors of IDI said.

Holding hands tightly

In January 2020, I.D.I International Development & Investment Corporation (IDI) held a review of 12 years of applying the model of linked farming areas initiated and successfully implemented by this enterprise for more than a decade. At that time, although the price of raw pangasius on the market had dropped to a low level (ranging from VND17,000 to VND18,000/kg), causing a series of Mekong Delta farming households to struggle to find businesses to consume, only members of the Mekong Delta associated with IDI is still "living well", when purchased by the company under the contract with the price of VND25,000/kg.

Busy for a new day

The leaders of IDI said, “We spent 600-700 billion dongs to cover the difference. The company accepts losses to keep its business credibility once it commits to consuming commercial fish for farming households”. This meaningful work has saved the pangasius farming in the Mekong Delta from the brink of bankruptcy and has maintained it to this day. At the same time, it shows the mentality of appreciating the company's "effective associates" in the story of cooperation, but not all fisheries enterprises have enough "stuff" to do it.

Through that behavior, the predestined relationship between the enterprise and farming households seems to be strengthened by the belief that they can accompany them on the very long journey that is still ahead.

Taking care of each fish meal

Dr. Le Anh Tuan - Director of Investment Strategy Planning of Dragon Capital said that in investing, sometimes it took loneliness, courage, dare to confront, maybe going against the current market. There are many principles - rules in production and business, but nothing surpasses the truth of the word "faithfulness" in the relationship of benefits.

From the development of the raw material linked area to the strategy of increasing competitive advantage

Currently, IDI has a raw material area of over 400 hectares, of which the affiliate model is about 350 hectares, providing over 10,000 tons of fish/month, ensuring stable raw materials for 3 fisheries processing factories for export continuously operating.

Loving each product

Up to now, it has been more than 13 years for maintaining and increasingly affirming the appropriate direction. The model of linking with farmers has helped IDI to take full initiative in the source of raw materials. The company is confident and very flexible in implementing many important goals; improve production capacity, increase competitiveness and expand the global consumption market. For many consecutive years, IDI has maintained its top position in the largest fisheries processing and exporting enterprises in Vietnam, actively contributing to the national strategic commodity industry.

“IDI's source of supply is very abundant thanks to the initiative in the raw material area. IDI is completely confident in the business because of that.” Mr. Le Van Chung - General Director of the company said.

Holding hands for a long time

IDI has a solid, spontaneous, benevolent, and loyal rear helping the frontline "fighting on all sides" on the commercial front with many big waves.

Looking back at the development of fisheries raw material areas to identify new prosperity in the countryside, where IDI invests, to see all the "tolerance" of this company for farmers in the Land of Nine Dragons at difficult times or golden age of pangasius farming.

IDI's immense green material area

Realization from IDI's model of linking development of raw material areas is as a catalyst to convince the Government's great policy on new rural construction.

Ready for long voyages

The "talking" results in the area, the export output can be measured and counted, while the stability of the material and spiritual life of many farming households through contracts to sell fish to IDI is cannot be described in specific numbers.

All have been objectively evaluated through touching and interesting stories. If you have a chance, please visit and talk to the farmers in the IDI linked area. The perfect feelings of the tight grip between Corporation - Farmers. That long-term cooperation needs to be engraved and reminded of the culture of behavior only in this understanding and sharing fisheries company.

Anh Duong (Vietnam Business Forum)