VsetGroup: Innovations for Tremendous Growth in 2022

9:53:06 AM | 1/20/2022

Standing before difficulties, knowing what made yesterday's success may not be true tomorrow, each business always has its own choices to attain success. And what VsetGroup chooses is a generative journey, a strategic journey needed for it to make breakthrough development to reach new highs.

Service diversity, inclusive change

To turn risks into opportunities in tough economic times, VsetGroup took advantage of this time to “change face”, consolidate its apparatus, perfect processes, and launch a series of services rendered by member companies to make breakthrough development. This is also the beginning stage for VsetGroup to conduct restructuring towards a multi-business strategy around its 10 member companies engaged in more than 20 different fields, including telecommunications, construction, entertainment, landscape, automobile service, transportation, finance, fashion, jewelry and education.

In this effort, the leadership is a transformational “nucleus” for the group to become a visionary entity and obtain sustainable achievements in the future. In addition to changing the organizational structure, management and administration apparatus and facilities, VsetGroup also focuses on human resource development to help the leadership form an important value system to better accompany investors in 2022.

Practical action programs in 2022

In 2022, to catch up with the booming business trend after the COVID-19 epidemic, VsetGroup will prepare to launch vacation property projects that cost over VND2.6 trillion. These investment projects gather all convenient factors such as traffic and climate in addition to all sporting entertainment facilities (restaurants, bars, clubs, tennis courts, football pitches), good locations and beautifully landscaped architecture.

Besides, the group will continue to develop and expand other potential services for its business ecosystem such as driver's training schools where professional driving knowledge and skills are taught; jewelry and gemstone processing and trading; green supermarket system; restaurant system; beauty system; coffee system; car maintenance and repair center system; and aquarium coffee system in Vietnam (VS Aquarium Coffee).

With active and ready plans coupled with the practical support policies and timely guidance of the Government and central authorities, VsetGroup believes that a quality ecosystem comprehensively deployed with products and services of international standards will create more jobs for society, take care of employees' well-being and help VsetGroup support more people in need. That is also the desire VsetGroup always wants to fulfill in its sustainable development strategy in the coming time.

The regenerative journey in 2022 is expected to not only help VsetGroup overcome existing challenges, but also shape an aspirational journey on which determined-to-change leaders want to build the trust of investors and increase long-term benefits for them.

By Vietnam Business Forum