Vietnam-India Trade Exceeds 13 Billion USD for First Time

8:44:29 AM | 2/24/2022

Two-way trade between Vietnam and India surpassed the 13 billion USD mark for the first time to reach 13.2 billion in 2021, up 36.5% over 2020.

Electronic products are among Vietnam's major exports to India. (Photo: VNA)

According to Vietnam’s customs, India exported 6.95 billon USD worth of goods last year (up 56%) while Vietnam exported 6.25 billion USD (up 20%).

Vietnam’s main exports to India in December last year included ordinary metals, computers, electronic products, mobile phones and parts, and machinery and equipment.

Some of the Vietnamese exports to India with strong growth in 2021 included plastic materials, chemicals, rubber, and coal.

Smartphones and parts continued to account for the largest share of Vietnam’s exports to India, at 1.28 billion USD, followed by computers and electronic products at 828 million USD.

On the other side, India’s major exports to Vietnam in December 2021 were steel and steel products, metals, cotton, and machinery.

In all of 2021, steel exports accounted for the largest part of India’s exports to Vietnam with a total value of nearly 1.4 billion USD.