Bac Ninh City: Successful Dual Goals

8:04:32 AM | 4/6/2022

In 2021, given the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bac Ninh City managed to successfully achieve the "dual goals" of boosting business development, effectively containing the COVID-19 pandemic, and maintaining political security and social order.

Consensus in COVID-19 pandemic containment

Bac Ninh City made great efforts to successfully contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially during the fourth outbreak in 2021, all levels of authority, sectors, mass organizations, businesses and people in Bac Ninh province unitedly and effectively carried out directives, resolutions, decisions and plans of the central government and the province, and Bac Ninh City proved to achieve the "dual goals".

Bac Ninh City is cultured, modern, bright, green, clean and beautiful

These are central cross-cutting tasks consistent with the views of the Party Committee, the People's Council and the People's Committee of Bac Ninh City on effective implementation of COVID-19 containment and socioeconomic development, said Mr. Chu Thanh Hai, Vice Chairman of the Bac Ninh City People's Committee.

The city closely followed directions of higher authorities, promoted information and communications; actively developed plans and scenarios, prepared physical facilities and human resources; provided financial support; arranged quarantine areas and concentrated accommodations for workers; synchronously deployed plans to respond immediately and promptly to each level of the pandemic. With the fast lockdown and rapid tracing of infections, the city built up high trust and consensus among people and businesses. Therefore, in the 4th outbreak starting in 2021, Bac Ninh City basically controlled and minimized community outbreaks.

The city's leaders directly coordinated with the Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Authority to discuss with business leaders to deal with COVID-19 infections in their companies to adopt factory-based production and preventive measures to work safely amid the pandemic to ensure continuous production and avoid supply disruption.

Factory-based production methods applied across companies to maintain manufacturing and business

Surveys into some enterprises in industrial zones in Bac Ninh City showed that the city’s government, relevant agencies and mass organizations always provided timely support for enterprises to overcome difficulties to continue production. Local enterprises, including members of Bac Ninh Young Entrepreneurs Association, actively participated in voluntary activities and joined with the city in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The city funded over VND20 billion for medical equipment and essential goods.

Successful dual goals of pandemic prevention and socioeconomic development

Mr. Chu Thanh Hai, Vice Chairman of Bac Ninh City People's Committee, said that in 2021 alone, the City People's Committee issued more than 8,000 administrative instructions for various fields, adopted measures to “safely, flexibly adapt to, effectively control the COVID-19 pandemic”; and supported enterprises to tackle difficulties arising out of their production and business operations to continue and accelerate development in all aspects.

The city overcame all difficulties and carefully prepared the best options, scenarios and conditions to prevent and control the pandemic contagion. With the decisive and drastic engagement of the entire political system from the city to the grassroots, the quick response and active participation of all classes of people, Bac Ninh City successfully held the election with a voter turnout rate of 99.26%. This result was recognized and appreciated by the province and the Prime Minister.

The city also focused on removing difficulties against enterprises and supporting them to handle administrative procedures, capital sources, site clearance, security and order, and infrastructure; and applied mechanisms and policies to facilitate them to invest in production and business expansion. In 2021, the city basically completed and exceeded 15 out of 20 key targets, featuring year-on-year economic growth of 7% - as much as 0.9% higher than the plan; industrial production growth of 10.7%, up to 10.5% higher than the plan;  estimated budget revenue of VND3,469.9 billion, equal to 171.9% of the target; and per capita GDP of US$8,007. In addition, the city directed cultural and information activities, paid attention to healthcare, labor, employment, social security and welfare, education and training. Especially, after seven years, the city ranked first in the provincial talent exam in both quantity and quality in the 2020 - 2021 school year; ensured social security; and reduced the poverty rate to 0.62%.

Bac Ninh City strengthened urban planning, order, discipline and civilization, upgraded environmental sanitation in residential areas, with 95.6% of neighborhoods meeting “clean residence” criteria, markedly enhanced environmental treatment in Phong Khe handicraft village; remarkably modernized social, economic and urban infrastructure, with many key projects launched for stronger socioeconomic development and better service for people. Typical projects included the traffic intersection in the southwest of the city, expanded and extended Ly Anh Tong Street; intersections of National Highway 1 - National Highway 38 and National Highway 1 - National Highway 18; Thi Cau - Dap Cau regulating reservoir; Phuc Ninh regulating lake; Van Mieu, Nguyen Van Cu and Huu Nghi parks with regulating lakes; Quan Ho Theater and Quan Ho Ancestor Temple Lake; new urban areas with high-rise buildings, apartments and large commercial centers such as Him Lam, Phuc Ninh, HUD B, Vincom, Viglacera, Royal Park, Cat Tuong and Phoenix which continued to affirm the role and position of central urban areas and important development drivers of Bac Ninh province.

The ongoing effort to impressively achieve the “dual goals” in 2021 will be a driving force for the city to make new strides in 2022; a solid foundation for building the fast-growing and sustainable Bac Ninh City into a modern, safe and distinctive city and a cultural, ecological, smart and modern city in the spirit of Resolution 25 dated July 12, 2021 of the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee on Bac Ninh City construction and development to 2030 and further to 2045.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum