Catalan JSC: 15 Years of a Strong Brand

11:30:49 AM | 4/4/2022

After 15 years of sustained growth, Catalan Joint Stock Company has solidly built up its market position with high-class ceramic tiles. On that journey, Catalan is always proud of its European-class products with Vietnamese soul and wisdom.

Set up in 2007, Catalan Joint Stock Company is headquartered in Dong Chua, Dong Tho commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province. Living through the twists and turns of development and market challenges, with the resolution, capacity, intelligence and devotion of all employees, the company has firmly asserted itself as one of the pioneering brands in construction material investment and production, and played an important role in the development of Vietnam's construction industry.

Leadership in technology

After 15 years of development, the company’s brand of ceramic tiles has attained many achievements. To reach this success, what reminds people of Catalan from its early days is investment in technological breakthrough innovations. The factory was scaled up to 50 ha by 2019 and has constantly promoted technological innovations. Catalan invested in two more lines, PH6500 compressors and PH7500 compressors. Catalan is proud to be the first factory in Vietnam and the second in Asia to own PH7500 compressors - the largest and most modern compressors from SACMI, Italy. As a result, it helps improve product quality, targeting middle and high-end customers. In addition, Catalan is always aware of its responsibility to the community and society by investing in green technology, a wastewater treatment system, a green campus and a specialized kiln powered by CNG and LPG technology.
Technology investment is an important factor for the success of every business because advanced and high-quality products are always a market trend. Catalan has made this factor its development goal. Boldly making large-scale investment and constantly applying modern technology to production lines to create differentiated products of high value has promoted production and business and ensured sustained growth. This also shows the strategic operational mindset of the leadership.

Besides technology investment, Catalan pays special attention to training and developing human resources, improving professional qualifications and creating the best working environment for employees. One of its outstanding achievements in human training is an experienced, well-trained workforce.

Sustainable value, progress to the future

2021 was considered a difficult and challenging year for the global economy, including Vietnam, due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before this reality, the Bac Ninh Provincial People’s Committee directed relevant agencies and localities to guide local companies to adopt a production model that combined continued production and effective pandemic prevention. From April to June 2021, Bac Ninh province started to apply this combined option - a great effort of the province to help companies with production models like Catalan keep production and supply chains undisrupted. This is a tough but necessary measure to ensure both pandemic prevention and business development. By maintaining “three-on-site production” and taking this issue very seriously, the company did not have any COVID-19 infections. The company advantageously possesses its own trading system - Danko Group chain that only sells Catalan products. Therefore, during the pandemic period, the company still maintained production and developed operating scale and quality. Specifically, the factory is still maintaining seven production lines out of a total of eight lines, or over 80% of its capacity.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company arranged for employees to work to adapt to pandemic development. At the same time, it focused on the research and development of new products and launched them onto the market. “COVID-19 is an unexpected big challenge that no one wants, but it is a test of corporate governance capacity. Any business that has a development investment strategy and dares to look directly at the problem will see that this is a good opportunity to complete working processes to create momentum for faster growth right after the COVID-19 pandemic is under control,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Nguyen, Deputy General Director of Catalan Joint Stock Company.

Continuing the 15-year development journey was the launch event of the “CENTURION 100” Collection in November 2021. The "Centurion 100" Collection is the convergence of the unique ideas of creative designers and talented artists. The crystallization of the very best, the name "Centurion 100", is reminiscent of the commander of the Roman centurion - a man who converged superior qualities and had a great influence on his force. Applied with advanced techniques and technology, "Centurion 100" is not only a story about the product but also a wish to join you in creating an artistic living space where energy is regenerated, emotions are climaxed and personal messages are expressed. Inspired by nature, “Centurion 100” offers 12 designs of 100x100 large-size tile styles with diverse and unique colors. The collection is developed on three criteria: Technology, creativity and passion.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nguyen affirmed: "Thoroughly studying customer needs, we are proud that ‘Centurion 100’ can meet a variety of architectural styles, rich in colors for different aesthetic tastes of customers. The upmarket ceramic tile collection ‘Centurion 100’ promises to bring the best value and experiences to customers.”

The 15-year journey marks a spectacular transformation for Catalan, a valuable time for Catalan to make plans for the future and reach greater achievements. With the operating motto, “Customer benefit is the working goal of the Company” together with its mission to bring inspiration and impressive experiences to homeowners, investors and architects to create separate living spaces that carry unique personal imprints, the search for a space to live, relax and love is what Catalan is aiming for.

15 years is an important milestone for Catalan to assess its internal capacity and set new development strategies in the next period. With firmly built foundations and values for years, this is the time for Catalan to realize its dreams to go far.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum