VSS Nghe An Ensuring Social Security Policy

9:08:45 AM | 4/19/2022

In 2021, despite performing its tasks in extremely difficult conditions due to the complicated outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam Social Security - Nghe An (VSS Nghe An) impressively accomplished the "dual goals".

A signing ceremony of social insurance and health insurance cooperation

In 2021, Nghe An province had 2,917,448 policyholders of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance. Health insurance coverage reached 91.0% of the population. 358,754 people held social insurance policies, reaching 19.29% of the population, including 254,985 people holding compulsory social insurance policies, reaching 102.88% of the target assigned by the Vietnam Social Security (VSS), an increase of 18,583 people over 2020 (or a growth of 7.86%) and 103,769 people holding voluntary social insurance policies, reaching 103.50% of the target assigned by the VSS, an increase of 26,655 people over 2020 (up 34.57%). Nghe An was a success story in developing voluntary social insurance nationwide. Total premiums of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance amounted to VND7,265,404 million by the end of December 2021, fulfilling 100.32% of the assigned plan, an increase of VND456,380 million (up 6.7%) over the same period of 2020.

In 2021, VSS Nghe An settled for 117,244 requests for social insurance benefits, down 3,385 cases or 2.8% over 2020. The total payment of social insurance, unemployment insurance and health insurance, accumulated to the end of December 2021, valued at VND13,547,954 million, including VND10,138,754 million for social insurance and unemployment insurance, up VND754,311 million or 8.04% over 2020; and health insurance payment was VND3,417,683 million.

In particular, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic impacts, VSS Nghe An implemented many consistent solutions to promptly support organizations and workers hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as per Resolution 68/NQ-CP and 116/NQ-CP of the Government.

By the end of December 2021, VSS Nghe An reduced the payment amount of VND41,721 million in 12 months to the Insurance Fund for occupational accidents and diseases for 7,137 organizations with 165,055 employees; supported VND5,895 million for 16 organizations with 872 employees who temporarily halted payment to the retirement and survivorship fund; and verified COVID-19 layoffs for 25,206 workers in 937 organizations who entitled to enjoy allowances.

VSS Nghe An reduced unemployment insurance premiums of VND26,040 million for 7,463 organizations with 176,218 workers and paid unemployment benefits of VND470,811 million for 196,860 workers.

In 2021, VSS Nghe An also supported medical facilities to solve difficulties in connection with the implementation of medical examination and treatment costs for patients covered by health insurance to ensure interest for COVID-19 patients at medical facilities.

To achieve the above results, VSS Nghe An effectively implemented many specific solutions like regularly, actively and promptly reporting results of political tasks and advising on related legal affairs for all levels of the Party and government to ensure social security and maintain social order. The agency also stepped up administrative reform to scale up information technology application in administration; improved the working manner and attitude of administrative staff; actively grasped operations of enterprises; shared and accompanied businesses and employees to overcome difficulties.

In 2022, the COVID-19 pandemic is forecast to cause a lot of difficulties in socioeconomic development, and social insurance and health insurance will be affected as a result. VSS Nghe An will continue to implement key consistent solutions: Strengthening consultation and engagement of the whole political system in the implementation of social insurance and health insurance policies; speeding up administrative reform, promoting digital transformation in all areas of operation; expanding VssID application and electronic transactions in implementation of social insurance and health insurance policies; mobilizing and encouraging people to carry out online public services, receive pensions and social insurance benefits via non-cash payment means; focusing on inspection, examination and supervision of regulatory compliance with social insurance; and minimizing late payment of social insurance premiums in the province to ensure legitimate rights and interests of policyholders. VSS Nghe An always reforms professional communications, with a focus placed on voluntary social insurance policyholders and workers in industrial parks and export processing zones.

“By promoting its achieved results, VSS Nghe An will continue to unite and strive to complete all assigned tasks to bring health insurance coverage to 92% of the population and social insurance to 20.09% of workers by the end of 2022,” said VSS Nghe An Director Hoang Van Minh.

By Vietnam Business Forum