The Dialogue on "Accompanying Enterprises"

9:57:11 AM | 5/24/2022

Respectfully to Shipping Lines/Agents, Logistics and Import-Export Enterprises,

Dong Nai is considered one of the most influential and effective recovery provinces after the pandemic, with export value reaching more than 6.2 billion USD in the first quarter of 2022, up nearly 14% over the same period.

Nonetheless, import-export enterprises in Dong Nai province still have numerous issues to concentrate to:

- Your enterprise tries to restore production, but logistics costs increase and the policy changes of provinces/cities?

- Does your enterprise need to get the authorities' changes in procedures and development orientation plans?

- Your enterprise needs practical logistics solutions to increase persistence and adaptability?

- Does your enterprise need to change strategies to adapt to the new business environment?

The Dialogue on "Accompanying Enterprises" organized by Saigon Newport Corporation and Customs Department of Dong Nai Province - Long Binh Tan and Nhon Trach Customs Branch will be specified the answers from experts to all these questions.

Key takeaways:

- Introduction of the administrative reform plan and customs modernization plans to facilitate the trade of Dong Nai Customs.

- Logistics solutions of Saigon Newport to help enterprises decrease unnecessary costs, develop sustainably, and catch up with new logistics trends.

- The opportunity for enterprises to get consultations regarding pioneering, comprehensive, and practical logistics solutions.

We cordially invite you to attend, share and contribute ideas at the Event with Saigon Newport Corporation!

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