Promoting Digital Agriculture, Raising the Value of Agricultural Products

3:28:34 PM | 5/30/2022

Over the years, the agricultural sector of Vinh Long province has achieved many impressive results and continued to affirm its supporting role in the economy. This is the foundation for the province to implement the development goals of agriculture, rural areas and farmers in the new period.

As a province in the center of the Mekong Delta, Vinh Long has relatively favorable natural conditions for agricultural production. Specifically, abundant freshwater resources and mild weather are very favorable for agricultural production, especially tropical fruit cultivation, pangasius farming, fish cage farming, pig and poultry farming. Besides, over the years, farmers in the province have been sensitive in applying technical advances and developing high-tech agricultural production models.

Up to now, the province has a large number of high-tech livestock and poultry farms, higher than the Southern provinces of the Tien River; many models of pangasius farming are quite effective along Mang Thit, Tien, and Hau rivers. For cultivation, many new models have been applied, with higher output and quality than the typical and traditional models such as growing oranges in rice fields with an output of 80-100 tons/hectare/year.

Model of growing cantaloupe in a net house, applying high technology

With the conditions of location, soil and people, Vinh Long province determines that developing high-tech agriculture is the fastest way to overcome the situation of small and fragmented production, enhancing the value of the agricultural sector and improving the living standards of the people.

Besides, with its location adjacent to many localities, Vinh Long has the ability to receive and distribute many agricultural products in the region. In particular, with a diversified and increasingly improved transportation system, the province is also step by step promoting the field of agricultural product processing, supplying high-quality products to major domestic and international cities.

On the other hand, in the trend of digital transformation, Vinh Long's agricultural industry is also gradually moving in the direction of modernity. Some farming models in the province have applied watering plants by remote control and automatic sensor systems; using technology to automate the care and rearing of animals; applying a system of monitoring and warning of water quality in aquaculture; and applying traceability in agricultural products and OCOP products.

Recently, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate in promoting agricultural digital transformation in agricultural extension consulting and trade promotion activities with Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation. In particular, it will focus on coordination in creating E-mail boxes for farmers, providing a list of individuals and organizations with qualified products, and Viettel Post will support promotion, transportation, collection of money and consumption of agricultural products in the domestic and international area. This will be the "leverage" to bring the province's agricultural products to all areas and regions in the country and in the world.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum