Making Tourism an Economic Pillar

3:35:57 PM | 6/13/2022

From a "low-lying area" but with determination and relentless efforts, in recent years, Hau Giang tourism has gradually prospered. In order to promote tourism to become one of the four economic pillars in the spirit of Resolution 04-NQ/TU dated November 26th, 2021 of the Executive Committee of Provincial Party Committee, the Tourism Industry is advising and implementing many solutions to overcome the "bottlenecks" of development. "Hau Giang tourism wants to develop, it needs synchronous participation from all levels, sectors, localities and people, especially the participation of large and experienced investors", said Ms. Nguyen Thi Ly, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hau Giang province.

What is the Tourism Industry doing to specifically implement the province's policy on "Year of Enterprises" in 2022?

First of all, the Department will focus on developing the process of amending Resolution 26/2019/NQ-HDND dated December 6th, 2019 of the Provincial People's Council stipulating policies to support investment and development of tourism in Hau Giang province in the period of 2020 - 2024 to encourage and create motivation for businesses and people to actively invest in tourism development.

The industry will also continue to launch market expansion, stimulating tourism demand with the message "Vietnamese tourism is safe and attractive", "Vietnamese people travel in Vietnam" and responding to the tourism promotion campaign "Live fully in Vietnam” launched by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism; promoting tourism through many forms, especially focusing on tourism promotion through online forms such as: website, zalo, facebook.

The industry will also focus on building two products, including: Cruise service at Xang Xa No Canal and Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve connecting with attractions in Phung Hiep district, and at the same time successfully organizing the international Marathon of "Mekong Delta Marathon" in Hau Giang province and The Folk Cake Festival in 2022; coordinating in organizing The Investment Promotion Conference to attract tourists and call for investment in key tourism projects.

Can you share about the potential and advantages of developing Hau Giang tourism?

In terms of advantages: In addition to the advantage of having many important waterway - land routes such as: National Highway 1, National Highway 61, National Highway 61B, National Highway 61C, Southern Hau River National Highway, Quan Lo - Phung Hiep, Hau River and Xang Xa No Canal, Hau Giang is also adjacent to Can Tho city, so it can take advantage of the infrastructure of Can Tho international airport and Cai Cui Port to promote tourism development.

In terms of potential, Hau Giang can develop several types of tourism:

Nature tourism: Hau Giang has a dense system of rivers and canals. The prominent ones are Hau River, Xang Xa No Canal, Quan Lo - Phung Hiep Canal and the ecological landscape along canals and rivers suitable for river eco-tourism development; the ecological landscape associated with Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve; agro-ecological landscape with orchards and large fields associated with eco-tourism with agriculture and gardens. 

Humanistic tourism: It has outstanding cultural and historical values of revolution with 16 historical-cultural relics (1 at the special level, 8 at the national level, 7 at the provincial level) such as: Chuong Thien Victory relic, Uncle Ho Temple, Vi Thanh - Hoa Luu residential area, the Provincial Party Committee Base in Can Tho; a number of cultural and religious works (Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Quan De Temple, Vi Hung Church); cultural festivals (The flower and incense offering ceremony at Uncle Ho Temple; festivals of Khmer and Chinese people); traditional craft villages (knitting, betel farming) and cuisine with specialties from agricultural products.

Tourism has been selected as one of the four pillars for investment, development orientation, by Resolution 04-NQ/TU on Industrial, agricultural, urban and tourism development in the period 2021-2025 and the following years. Can you share about the strategic goals of Hau Giang tourism in the near future?

 (1) Promoting propaganda, dissemination and implementation of Resolution 04-NQ/TU, Plan 213/KH-UBND, Tourism development program and specific documents in tourism development of the province; in which, promoting communication links, implementing digital transformation to promote tourism, the project on creating Hau Giang's image has been widely introduced to domestic and international tourists and friends.

(2) Cross-cutting and long-term solutions: All levels and sectors must renew their awareness and thinking about tourism development, the position and role of the tourism industry in economic and social development of the province; increase awareness of responsibility in tourism development of both the political system and the whole society, accompany the implementation of Resolutions, Plans and Programs of the Provincial People's Committee on tourism development.

(3) Implementing the process of amending and supplementing Resolution 26/2019/NQ-HDND dated December 6th, 2019 of the Provincial People's Council stipulating policies to support investment and development of tourism in Hau Giang province in the period of 2020 - 2024 suitable to local conditions; submitting to the Provincial People's Council for consideration and decision.

(4) Developing two typical tourism products according to the orientation of Resolution 04-NQ/TU, including: Exploiting tourist boat service on Xang Xa No Canal route, this product has been put into operation and continues to improve its operational efficiency. Exploiting Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve associated with historical sites in Phung Hiep district and Nga Bay floating market.

(5) Calling for and supporting organizations and individuals doing tourism business to jointly build high-quality, diverse and typical destinations; focusing on developing cultural, ecological, agricultural and community tourism in association with new rural area construction. Striving for each district, town and city to develop at least one new tourist attraction.

(6) Removing difficulties for investors in implementing tourism projects (Viet Uc - Hau Giang eco-tourism area, Xa No Tourist Market project and 4-star hotel complex); projects of residential, commercial and service areas, restaurants and hotels so that they can be completed soon and put into operation for tourism development.

(7) Repairing and embellishing historical - cultural relics and developing tourism at the recognized relic sites. At the same time, there is a plan to preserve and promote the cultural heritage values of various art forms such as Don ca tai tu, and the art of Aday folk singing of the Khmer ethnic group, to be included in tours serving tourists.

(8) Calling for investment in tourism development at Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve, aiming to become a potential site for the development of the National Tourist Area after 2025 and promoting investment to attract tourism projects in Vi Thanh and Nga Bay cities.

(9) Promoting the implementation of the One Commune One Product (OCOP) program. Specifically, it includes encouraging organizations and individuals to invest in and develop different types of community-based tourism services and rural tourist spots in association with the implementation of the OCOP program, a group of community-based tourism products and services and tourist attractions; developing OCOP products for visitors and tourism.

(10) Effectively implementing the Program on association and cooperation in tourism development in Ho Chi Minh City and 13 provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta in the period of 2021 - 2025 according to the Coordination Regulation signed between the provinces and cities.

(11) Speeding up the completion of traffic projects associated with tourist destinations, projects and planning such as: National Highway 61B, the National Highway 1 section passing through Hau Giang province, the provincial roads of 926B, 927C; Xa No Tourist Wharf project to facilitate tourism development of the province.

What message do you want to convey to businesses and investors?

In the coming time, the Industry will continue to create favorable conditions for scientists, investors, organizations, enterprises and management agencies to meet, exchange, learn about mechanisms, policies, investment environment and find solutions to attract investment in tourism development in the province, as well as establish linkages and cooperation.

Thank you very much!

Source: Vietnam Business Forum