LivWell Harnesses Insights-led Engagement Capabilities to Drive Product Adoption and Boost Conversions by 2.5X

10:35:45 AM | 6/22/2022

Founded in 2008, LivWell is a blockchain-enabled brand that strives to help its customers to be a healthier version of themselves. They accomplish this by gamifying their wellness programs, getting customers to complete fitness challenges and earn rewards which can be redeemed at partner outlets like California Fitness and Yoga Center.  To bolster its rewards system, LivWell has formed partnerships with the likes of Samsung, Decathlon, Garnier, amongst others.

LivWell is further adding to its vision of building a healthy ecosystem by providing bite-sized insurance plans, viz.  Personal Accident Insurance (starting at VND 40,000/month) and Hospital Cash (starting at VND 17,166/month).

While LivWell had a dynamic team analyzing their customer behavior, an insights-led  customer engagement platform was the need of the hour to drive meaningful engagement and boost product adoption. With that in mind, LivWell partnered with MoEngage to make better data-driven decisions, segment customers into actionable cohorts, and drive effective engagement across the customer lifecycle. LivWell could also nudge customers to explore other offerings like insurance based on their engagement levels. Effectively engaging customers across different partner-led campaigns and insurance upsells were two of the key use cases that LivWell was able to resolve through MoEngage.

“LivWell's innovative approach to gamifying fitness programs using redeemable rewards, in combination with bite-sized insurance programs is commendable. We're dedicated to supporting LivWell in its inspiring journey of reimagining healthcare and fitness while driving sustainable growth. We'll continue adding layers of actionable insights across the customer lifecycle journey thus allowing LivWell to deepen customer understanding and accordingly provide a personalized, omnichannel experience that is relevant to the end-use.”, mentions Saurabh Madan Vice President SEA, ANZ & Japan MoEngage, while discussing LivWell’s approach to healthcare and fitness and the role MoEngage will play in enabling their vision.

Leveraging MoEngage, LivWell was able to accurately analyze customer journeys and drive event-triggered onboarding campaigns, through push and in-app campaigns, attaining conversion rates of 53.27% (2.5X more than the industry benchmark). On the engagement front, leveraging MoEngage’s insights-led capabilities, LivWell was also able to seamlessly boost partner-led (Heineken and California Fitness and Yoga Center) in-app communications with a conversion rate of 29.11% (2X the industry standard).

Speaking about the partnership,  Nikhil Verma, Founder, and CEO, LivWell mentioned, “For us, the challenge was to figure out ways to better engage our customers while building a more scientific and insights-led approach. Since we implemented MoEngage, we’ve been able to seamlessly create triggered flows across the customer journey, from onboarding to retention and win-back. MoEngage has also enabled us to segment our customers better and run effective in-app campaigns yielding great conversion ratios. With a significant number of customers onboard and new product lines coming through, we want to explore the advanced offerings and MoEngage will be key in scaling growth for us at LivWell.”

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)