The Transformation Towards Smart Manufacturing with Taiwan

6:37:33 PM | 7/9/2022

In the framework of MTA Vietnam 2022 taken place in Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) from 6th to 9th July 2022, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) Vietnam & Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, on 7th July, have co-organized a webinar to introduce Taiwan Smart Manufacturing products.

The webinar aims to introduce to global and local enterprises the most advanced products and technology, breakthrough solutions of Taiwan. It is also an opportunity for global and local businesses to catch up with the latest technological trends and transformation with Industry 4.0.

A representative of Taiwan Economic & Cultural Office in HCMC attended the webinar. Five Taiwanese machine tool manufacturers including YCM, Taiwan Takisawa, CHMER, Chin Fong and SYNTEC X LEANTEC have briefly introduced their recent achievements and shared their success stories of marketing business within the new reality. The online product launch offered good opportunities for building up relationships between buyers and sellers at the MTA Vietnam 2022.

At the webinar, YCM with 68-year experience in machinery industry, has showcased the smart manufacturing systems with three key factors including smart automation, smart machine and smart management. These systems are especially in line with the theme of "Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing" especially during epidemic prevention or even for life after lockdown.

Meanwhile, Taiwan Takisawa, founded in 1972, has introduced the best solution for metalworking through its high-performance CNC turning lathe and PCB drilling machines in worldwide market, Taiwan Takisawa is now one of the leading manufacturers of CNC lathe in Taiwan.

Additionally, CHMER - the largest EDM manufacturer in Taiwan and one of the leading EDM manufacturers in the world – introduced its product lines from die sinker EDMs, wire cut EDMs, small hole drilling EDMs, high speed milling machines, laser machines to electrochemical machines.

While Chin Fong introduced its press smart forming solution through a product line including general C-Frame/Straight Side press, Knuckle- Joint Cold & Hot Forging press, Link press, High Speed press, Transfer Press, Tandem Line and Servo Press, with capacity from 25 tons to 3,200 tons. Chin Fong, for over 70 years of history, has manufactured more than 50,000 mechanical presses that spread over 70 countries.

Lastly, LEANTEC as SYNTEC’s subsidiary, has featured robotic arm and cloud service as its core competency, this is in response to the high-mix low-volume production mode under the global industry 4.0 trend.

YCM, in order to provide customers, the necessary tool to jump to the next industry 4.0 level, focuses on 02 key areas. First, the DZ Connect platform allows customer to monitor and manage their shop in real time. Second, YCM continues to develop intelligent function, i-Cube, in machines to optimize the performance and life of the equipment. Intelligent spindles and drive systems automatically enhance machining time, while minimizing machining vibration to achieve best surface finish and tool life.

The i-Cube intelligent functions will also monitor the health of equipment and predict future failure of spindle and drive system that allows scheduled maintenance to prevent sudden failure of machine that disrupts production. In addition, YCM provides both kinds of automation including workpiece and pallet handling. Depending on specific needs, YCM’s automation systems can bring customers various advantages: higher productivity, improved working environment and stabile quality

Mentioning about on time delivery & availability of products to customers given difficulty in shipping and shortage of components, Mr. Tony Yu, Sales Manager of EDM CHMER revealed: “We achieve this by various methods. (1) Sales forecast, we base on customers’ inquiries, preferred buying models, and promotions to set the sales forecast and submit the information to our production control to prepare the materials. (2) Imported materials/ parts, such as linear glass scales, will rely on the importers’ safety stocks. (3) We buy parts/ components, such as ball screws, AC servo motors, from the local manufacturers as possible as we can. (4) We maintain safety stocks. (5) We manufacture the key components, such as linear motors, by ourselves”.

In order to support Vietnamese enterprises in term of sustainability, CHMER’s latest i8+ power supply can convert the heat emitted by resistors to recycle energy and can reduce 20% of power consumption and heat emitting, therefore save the air conditioning cost and operational cost. The deionized water, as the dielectric fluid, used in the wire cut EDMs is recycled and recirculated. Similarly, the dielectric fluid used in the die sinker EDMs is recycled as well.

In short, as the world's seventh largest machine tool producer and fifth largest machine tool exporter, Taiwan plays a crucial role in the global machine tool industry. The integration of sensors with IOT and Big Data systems has allowed Taiwan to become the “Silicon Valley” of the smart machine industry. In the process of digital transformation to Industry 4.0 which is quickly developing under the context of post-COVID-19 recovery, Taiwan has successfully used big data replacing labor-intensive works. Taiwanese companies are eager to share their expertise as well as bring their advanced products and technology to Vietnamese companies to promote mutual transformation.

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)