Nestlé, Starbucks Roll Out ‘Starbucks At Home’ Coffee in Vietnam

9:49:02 AM | 7/19/2022

Nestlé and Starbucks have just introduced a new coffee experience ‘Starbucks At Home’ in Vietnam that includes a super-premium instant coffee range with the four Starbucks’ signature flavors of instant coffee Dark Roast, Caramel Latte, Caffè Mocha, Caffè Latte, and We Proudly Serve Starbucks Coffee Program – offering Premium Coffee Solutions to selected channels.

Imported from Europe, Starbucks instant coffee products were opened for online purchase on Lazada from July 3 and will be available in premium supermarkets such as Topsmarket, CoopXtra, Coop Fineline, Aeon, Lotte, Emart, Vinmart, etc.

The rollout of the premium at-home coffee experience also showcases the fruitful collaboration between Nestlé and Starbucks after the two joined hands in late 2018 to establish the Global Coffee Alliance.

The alliance combines Nestlé’s unrivaled 80-year expertise and heritage in coffee and Starbucks’ world-leading coffee chain expertise.

Under the alliance, Nestlé acquired the perpetual rights to market Starbucks Consumer Packaged goods and Foodservice coffee and tea products globally, outside of Starbucks coffee houses. The products developed under the alliance have been expanded to 50 countries and were sought after by consumers around the world.

In 2022, the two companies bring a super-premium instant coffee range and the We Proudly Serve Starbucks coffee solutions to Vietnam for the first time.

Binu Jacob, CEO of Nestlé Vietnam expressed, “Today is a special day for coffee lovers in Vietnam as we can now make and enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee right at home. Vietnam has a rich coffee culture that has been ingrained in the life and soul of its people. Vietnamese people, especially the young, are open-minded and integrated into the new global trends in fashion, cuisine, and lifestyle. Starbucks has got to be one of the most loved international coffee brands by the Vietnamese people. It is loved for its signature experience – the aroma, the taste, the feeling, and the prestige. We at Nestlé Vietnam recognize its influence on the people, which is why we have brought the Starbucks At Home range to Vietnam – to enrich people’s home coffee experiences and to diversify our coffee offerings with local to global favorites.”

Nestlé and Starbucks have a true passion for outstanding coffee and are proud to be recognized as global leaders for their responsible and sustainable coffee sourcing.

The products developed under Global Coffee Alliance meet strict standards in manufacturing from farm to cup and responsible growing methods with minimum environmental impacts.

Both Nestlé and Starbucks prioritize contributing to the development of society while ensuring long-term success in business, so as to ensure a healthier, wealthier community and preserve resources for the next generation.

Over almost 30 years of presence in Vietnam, Nestlé has brought diverse coffee experiences to their consumers with an exclusive product portfolio.

From the traditional flavor of Nescafé Café Viet, now its consumers can enjoy truly international coffee of Starbucks at home, at work, or when traveling. Consumers will have more options for instant coffee that meets their tastes.

Giang Tu (Vietnam Business Forum)