Lan Anh Co., Ltd Contributing to Local Urbanization

11:09:41 AM | 7/25/2022

With the groundbreaking strategy and mindset, Lan Anh Co., Ltd, established 16 years ago, has become the most prestigious real estate developer in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province and in the Southeast region. With the continuous launch of high-quality products, the company not only brings people a long-term dwelling place but also makes an important contribution to local urbanization and industrialization.

Creating sustainable dwellings

In the past years, Lan Anh Co., Ltd has donated more than ten thousand square meters of land for new rural infrastructure construction and endeavored to change wild places into fertile soil. The company also takes the lead in developing rural residential projects; building affordable social housing to provide shelters for low-income people and workers in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.

Consistent with its chosen direction, Lan Anh is currently the investor of many large-scale projects and is an attractive, lucrative destination for secondary investors such as Lan Anh 1, Lan Anh 2, Lan Anh 4 and Lan Anh 5 residential areas, Lan Anh 6 social housing project, Lan Anh 7 commercial residential land project, and expanded Lan Anh 7 project. These projects have helped boost local economic development and social security to construct new rural transport infrastructure and help local people with access to residential areas with technical infrastructure and modern utilities to improve people's quality of life.

To continue its business success, in early 2022, Lan Anh officially announced the 1/500-scale detailed planning for Lan Anh 10 Residential Area Project (Da Bac commune, Chau Duc district), covering 92,424 square meters and capably housing 2,200 dwellers. This social housing project consists of 415 apartments for low-income people. The rural residential project is developed with public utilities, commerce, services and infrastructure.

Besides Lan Anh 10 Residential Project, Lan Anh Company also held the inauguration ceremony of the 13-ha expanded Lan Anh 7 Residential Project (Nghia Thanh commune, Chau Duc district). The project is comprised of 430 land parcels for garden villas (accounting for 48.07% of the total area), 97 land parcels for social housing (5.72%), a 7-story high-rise flat with 68 apartments for low-income local people and workers in Hoa Long and Chau Duc industrial parks. Owning a synchronous technical infrastructure system such as traffic, power grid, green space, fire protection system, swimming pools, parks, drainage system, water supply system and natural streams, expanded Lan Anh 7 Residence is expected to create an ideal living space for nearly 2,300 people. This project is also of great significance in socioeconomic development and technical infrastructure, helping speed up rural development in Chau Duc district.

Briefing on the company’s upcoming development direction, Ms. Nguyen Nam Phuong, President of the Board of Directors of Lan Anh Co., Ltd, said, in 2022, the company will help focus on developing real estate projects in Chau Duc, Dat Do districts and Ba Ria city to further facilitate local development. At the same time, it will provide local people with a sustainable settlement place with a synchronous, fully-utilized and modern infrastructure system.

Furthermore, Lan Anh will continue to work toward new development goals, a new strategic vision that is more sustainable, creative, dynamic and diversified in operation areas in 2022 and beyond. In the near term, the company will increase registered capital and reshuffle personnel structure to create a more solid foundation to realize new development plans in the new period; carry out bigger and better projects; and enable socioeconomic development, industrialization and modernization.

Promoting social responsibility

Rising out of hardship, Ms. Phuong understands better than anyone the misery of adversity and poverty and always wants to help poor people in society. That's why Lan Anh Company always fulfills its tax obligations to the government, ensures income and benefits for employees and spends a handsome amount of money on meaningful social charity programs like helping the poor, financing the Fund for the Poor and the Study Promotion Fund, and supporting the construction of houses for processing-benefiting people.

The expanded Lan Anh 7 residential project has a total area of 131,522m2 and can accommodate 2,268 people with the total infrastructure investment capital (excluding land value capital) of VND189.5 billion

Despite ensuring hardships caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company spent nearly VND30 billion for community development by supporting the Vaccine Fund, assisting epidemic prevention and control, presenting four facemask ATMs, two rice ATMs, medical equipment and protective gears, providing regular and irregular support for the poor and disadvantaged people affected by the epidemic.

In recognition of the efforts to become a strong, cultural and civilized enterprise making significant contributions to the community, the social security funds and the new rural development, and fulfilling the obligations to the State, Lan Anh Co., Ltd is honored with many noble awards by the Party, State, and departments, branches and People's Committee of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.

Having obtained the excellent achievements in business and social charity work, Lan Anh Co., Ltd. was evaluated by the Chairman of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Provincial People's Committee to have successfully accomplished the tasks for many years and proposed to be awarded the Third-class Labor Medal.

Not only making a significant contribution to the province, Lan Anh Co., Ltd also made donation to the pandemic prevention to the Vietnam Fatherland Front and many localities throughout the country such as Ho Chi Minh City, Quang Ninh Nam, Da Nang, Thanh Hoa and Cao Bang. Lan Anh Co., Ltd has been highly appreciated for its achievements and ongoing contributions. Especially, on May 6, 2022, the company was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister for its contributions to COVID-19 prevention and control at a ceremony to honor frontline forces of Ba Ria-Vung Tau province.

According to entrepreneur Nguyen Nam Phuong, Lan Anh always focuses on aligning corporate benefits with social responsibility and takes that as the core value for all activities. Therefore, it is widely appreciated by the community for its creation of sustainable values. “Sustainable development aligned with community interests is the business philosophy that we have pursued from the very beginning. That sustainability is illustrated in high-quality products and projects, through outstanding values that we bring to partners, customers and the community and through the corporate culture that we are trying to foster. Sustainable development, for Lan Anh, is from such simple but meaningful things: Respecting corporate responsibility to society, associating corporate interests with the responsibility to society and community,” she emphasized.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum