Van Phuoc General Hospital Bright Medical Ethics - Full of Faith

11:20:21 AM | 7/25/2022

With a team of qualified and dedicated medical staff, always taking the patient as the center, considering improving medical ethics as strengthening the quality of medical examination and treatment, Van Phuoc General Hospital has become a reliable address for people in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. This has contributed to the protection and care of people's health, reducing the number of patients who have to be transferred to higher level hospitals.

The hospital's Obstetrics and Gynecology Department has a standard operating room

Van Phuoc General Hospital was licensed by the Ministry of Health to provide medical examination and treatment at No. 193/BYT-GPHD, dated May 10, 2016, with the predecessor being Van Phuoc Private Midwives. Currently, Van Phuoc General Hospital is a grade III hospital (district level) with the task of emergency, medical examination and treatment; disease prevention and vaccination; scientific research, economic and health management.

With a full range of specialties such as: Department of Medical Examination, Obstetrics and Gynecology (with operating room); Department of Pediatrics; Pharmacy; Testing; Diagnostic Imaging Department… Van Phuoc General Hospital fully meets the medical examination and treatment needs of the people. In addition, the hospital is also selected to provide general examination and periodical health check-up services for many businesses, individuals and groups.

In particular, one of the hospital's strengths is obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics. Here, patients receive reproductive health care and treat many gynecological diseases such as: Uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts… The unit has successfully performed many cases requiring the use of high and complicated technology, limiting transit status.

In 2021, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospital always well complied with epidemic prevention and control; proactively developing a response process, and at the same time sending staff to participate in the frontline of epidemic prevention and control.

Thanks to that, despite being affected by the pandemic and social distancing, medical examination and treatment activities were still maintained. Van Phuoc General Hospital was considered as a safe hospital in the prevention and control of Covid-19. According to the Department of Health's assessment of hospital quality, Van Phuoc General Hospital reached 3.12, ensuring the year-end assessment of hospital quality.

In order to meet the increasing needs of people for medical examination and treatment, the hospital has increased investment in facilities in a synchronous and modern direction. The unit regularly updates and invests in machinery such as: 4-D color Doppler ultrasound machine, testing machine, electrocardiogram machine...; the operating room is equipped with modern equipment to help timely intervene in emergency cases. The team of medical staff and doctors are basically and advanced trained, dedicated to the profession.

Not only improving the quality of examination and treatment, the hospital also pays special attention to innovating the service style and attitude towards patient satisfaction. With the motto: "Patients receive warm welcome when arriving, patients are thoroughly cared when staying, patients are thoughtfully advised when discharging", the reception and instruction stages are renewed, reducing waiting time. The hospital has also made public the hospital fee list, hotline phone number, establishing a 24-hour customer care department, using softwares such as: Customer information management, drug management, administrative management for supervisory leaders…

Besides, aiming at a green - clean - beautiful environment, creating a comfort and friendly atmosphere, Van Phuoc General Hospital has planted trees in various areas such as corridors, waiting halls, facades..., always ensuring operation according to the motto "5S" (Screen - Arrange - Clean - Take Care - Get Ready)...

MSc. MD. Le Nguyen Que Minh, Director of Van Phuoc General Hospital, said that in the coming time, the hospital would continue to enhance the efficiency of medical examination and treatment of all specialties; meeting and exceeding professional targets. In particular, it will promote the provision of in-depth health check-up package, high technology ones for people, businesses and develop strong services.

“We will continue to urge and correct the limitations and weaknesses in a timely manner; building a qualified team, with professional ethics and sense of responsibility. We will strive to implement the set of criteria for evaluating hospital quality to reach 3.21 or higher", said Director Le Nguyen Que Minh.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum