Be, Cake launch Be-Cake Visa Credit Card to Enhance Digital Payments Experience

11:56:14 AM | 9/15/2022

Cake by VPBank (Cake), a digital bank with highest number of users in Vietnam, Be - the biggest Vietnamese platform in on-demand transportation category and Visa, the world’s leader in digital payments, are releasing Vietnam’s first collaborative co-branded credit card product. The Be-Cake Visa credit card offers many exclusive benefits without annual fees and the highest cashback rate on the market with 20%.

With the technological platform of Cake, Be-Cake Visa credit card applications are approved instantly. This enables clients to begin shopping online even before receiving the physical card. Notably, cardholders will get 20% refund (highest on the market) for payments on Be app and refund for spending at other merchants. In addition, cardholders can convert transactions into instalments and even set up an automatic payment schedule through their Cake account.

“The new Be-Cake Visa credit card was designed for the modern Vietnamese. It was made primarily for Gen Z and young professionals who we know are striving to get the most value for money,” said Ms. Dung Dang, Visa Country Manager of Vietnam and Laos. “We are proud to launch the market’s very first collaborative card that offers consumers the best of three worlds: the speed and security of Visa digital payments, the versatility of Cake digital banking and Vietnam’s top multi-service ecosystem managed by Be Group.”

Cake empowers clients to manage their daily expenses through free-of-charge digital banking, while offering them extensive personalization and attracting more than 2 million users.

“Cake is proud to be one of the rare digital banks capable of issuing international credit cards within our second year of operation. With the Be-Cake credit card, Cake becomes the first digital bank in Vietnam which provides a comprehensive selection of necessary financial services, including payment, saving, lending, micro-investment and credit cards,” said Mr. Quang Nguyen, CEO of Cake by VPBank. “It takes only 2 minutes and a National Identity Card to register and be issued a card. Cardholders can immediately begin using their new card, something no other digital bank in the market can currently offer. The virtual card can be used right away after issuance and can be linked with the Be app, allowing users to book rides or other services on Be and receive 20% cashback. Additionally, by choosing a card design that suits your own preferences, Be-Cake transforms transactions into wholly personal experiences.”

The launch of the Be-Cake co-branded credit card also shows the strength of the Be Group’s open technology ecosystem. Nearly four years of operation, Be has expanded beyond ride-hailing to create an on-demand multi service consumer platform offering transportation, delivery, shopping, travel, and telecom services. By partnering with Visa, Be is proving its ability to scale its business model quickly to compete effectively and better serve users in Vietnam.

Ms. Yen Vu, CEO of Be Group shared: “Be Group aims to become the leading on-demand multi service consumer platform to provide various services to Vietnamese customers in their daily lives. In Fintech, we have pioneered digital driver-lending and are now launching the first co-branded credit card between an on-demand multi services consumer platform and a digital bank. We will continue to develop more exclusive products to offer Vietnamese customers unique experiences.”

Visa’s latest Consumer Payment Attitudes study highlighted a growing momentum for digital payments among Vietnamese consumers. More than 8 in 10 consumers now use cards and more than four in 10 foresee going fully cashless when paying for taxis and ridesharing (50%), retail shopping (44%) and food & dining (43%). Virtual banking awareness in Vietnam is high (77%) with a majority (88%) showing interest in using digital banking services.

“The cashless momentum is strongest among young consumers from Generations Y and Z,” said Ms. Dung Dang. “With the Be-Cake Visa credit card we aim to foster the ongoing shift towards cashless, supporting the most prevalent payment habits of local consumers.”

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)