Promoting the role of science and technology in new rural construction

2:17:00 PM | 9/20/2022

On the afternoon of September 19, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Central New Rural Development Coordination Office and the Department of Science, Technology and Environment held a seminar "Promoting the role of science and technology in new rural construction" in order to evaluate and analyze the contributions of science and technology in new rural construction in the past 10 years and oriented solutions for the coming period.

Implementing the program content framework Decision No. 27/QD-TTg and Decision No. 45/QD-TTg, after 10 years of implementation, the Science and Technology Program has carried out 15 research topics to perfect the theoretical basis of the model New Rural shape; 26 research topics on mechanisms and policies; 45 research projects on scientific and technological solutions and 66 topics and projects on building New Rural models applying research and technology development results. In addition, during the implementation process, the Science and Technology Program has adjusted the research content according to the new needs of sustainable new rural construction.

According to Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh - Program Manager of Science and Technology for Rural Construction - Period 2016-2021: The program (Science and Technology) has mobilized and received "widespread support and close coordination." closely by the ministries, branches and localities... closely to the objectives and contents of the Program, basically in line with the requirements of the National Target Program on building new rural areas... to help localities and cooperatives transform their base structure of plants and animals, achieving obvious socio-economic efficiency. The results of research and model building have a wide spread and are effectively received and participated by many localities, businesses and farmers. Not only that, the program has contributed to the design of a system of frameworks, institutions and policies of the NTP on building new rural areas; obtain results on theoretical basis and practical application in the field of social science and science and technology; interdisciplinary solutions and specific demonstration linkage models in production; attracting a large number of science and technology forces nationwide, with many enterprises, farmers and cooperatives participating.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh - Program Manager of Science and Technology for Rural Construction - Period 2016-2021

The Science and Technology Program phase II also focuses on researching new issues in building sustainable rural areas such as: labor mobility, job creation on the spot; collective economic development; OCOP products; digital agriculture, building smart rural areas; Thuan Thien farming village; Up to now, with more than 200 processes and technological solutions, 1,735 technical works, machines and equipment have been transferred, the Science and Technology Program has shown practical impacts on the construction results of new rural areas. through improving productivity, product quality and agricultural economic efficiency. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh shared more.

In addition to the achieved results, at the workshop, the delegates pointed out that it needs to be overcome in the coming time. According to Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, the key, difficult and unexpected key issues of the construction of new rural areas in the past period have not yet mobilized many research topics, such as: land and labor policies; Digital transformation in economic development and social management of rural areas... Some research and transfer results have not yet created the desired impact, and are still limited in scale and socio-economic efficiency...

Speaking at the talk show, Ms. Vi Thanh Hoai - Deputy Director of the Department of Grassroots Culture - Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that in the past period, the interdisciplinary issue has not been strictly applied, so in the coming period need to be overcome to maximize the effectiveness of the projects." In particular, it is necessary to determine that new rural construction must be associated with local culture. there are in-depth research topics, raising people's awareness in environmental protection. Besides, promoting the system of local cultural facilities," emphasized Ms. Hoai.

Ms. Vi Thanh Hoai - Deputy Director of the Department of Grassroots Culture - Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

3 goals on science and technology to serve the construction of new rural areas are set out

At the seminar, a number of lessons learned were also exchanged and discussed very enthusiastically: there should be an inter-sectoral linkage mechanism with many fields to solve problems because New Rural is multi-field; it is necessary to integrate activities and receive research results from other programs; It is necessary to closely link theoretical research results with practical applications in specific areas; associate the implementation of topics and projects with rural communities. In particular, priority should be given to building and replicating models, taking practical needs as a measure of the effectiveness of the topic or project.

From the ideas exchanged and discussed at the seminar, Mr. Ngo Truong Son, Chief of the Central Coordinating Office for New Rural Development, said that the science and technology program for the construction of new rural areas will focus on three goals: Continue to improve theoretical and practical basis to propose mechanisms and policies to support the effective implementation of the National Target Program on New Rural Development. At the same time, scientific and technological solutions are proposed to serve the development of responsible agriculture in the direction of green economy and circular economy; integrated solutions to preserve and promote cultural values, protect the environment and rural landscape... Build and replicate models of agricultural and rural economic development suitable to conditions in particular, bringing into play the strengths of each locality, region and region on the basis of applying scientific and technological achievements, promoting production linkages and developing markets according to the value chain of key product groups.

"In order to achieve the above objectives, the Program will also focus on the following contents: Researching, completing and renovating mechanisms and policies; solutions for rural economic development, sustainable rural construction; Building new rural models on the basis of application of science and technology solutions for socio-economic development; Carrying out communication activities to raise social awareness and promote scientific and technological achievements in service of construction New Rural construction", the Chief of the Central New Rural Coordination Office added.

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