Supporting Enterprises to Recover

2:21:19 PM | 10/3/2022

Many solutions to support business development have been actively implemented by the Department of Industry and Trade of Tien Giang province such as enhancing trade promotion, connecting and expanding product consumption markets, and shortening the time for handling administrative procedures, thereby creating the impetus to restore production and business activities.

Mr. Dang Van Tuan, Acting Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Tien Giang Province

ith the advantage of being the gateway to the Mekong Delta, with a large alluvial area, Tien Giang has great potential for agricultural, industrial and tourism development. The province has been expanding production in association with processing and consuming products and developing services and tourism, ensuring the linkage between provinces and cities in the region; striving by 2025 to become a developed province in the Southern Key Economic Region.

In the first 7 months of 2022, along with the recovery trend of the whole country after the COVID-19 pandemic, most enterprises in Tien Giang province recovered under new normal conditions; their production and business activities gradually stabilized. The economic structure shifted in a positive direction, increasing the proportion of industry and construction and decreasing the proportion of agriculture.

Specifically, the industrial production index increased by 7.26% over the same period; the total circulation of goods and the social consumption service revenue reached VND 44,339 billion, up 20.1% over the same period, reaching 62.4% of the year plan. The export turnover reached US$ 2.53 billion, up 28.7% over the same period and reaching 75.8% of the year plan; the import turnover reached US$ 1.46 billion, up 29%.

Mr. Dang Van Tuan, Acting Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Tien Giang province, said that, accompanying businesses and investors, the Department of Industry and Trade had made many efforts to contribute to improving the provincial competitiveness index (PCI), creating a favorable and open investment and business environment. The most prominent thing is the coordination in public listing of administrative procedures, shortening the time to carry out the procedures under the jurisdiction of the Department.

Tien Giang province gives priority to attracting investment into the agro-forestry-fishery processing industry 

Currently, the total number of administrative procedures under the jurisdiction of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade is 122, including: 02/122 administrative procedures provided at level 3 (1.64%) and 120/122 administrative procedures provided at level 4 (98.3%); 44/122 administrative procedures are integrated into the National Public Service Portal; and 100% of administrative procedures are published on the website of the Department of Industry and Trade.

In the coming time, the Department will continue to increase the number of online public services at level 3, 4, of which striving to apply 100% of essential public services to the people; instructing people and businesses to make non-cash payments by various means.

In addition, the Department has stepped up investment promotion activities, focusing on calling for investment, evaluating and selecting investors to build technical infrastructure of industrial clusters (ICs): My Loi IC, Long Binh IC, Vinh Huu IC; supporting investors to speed up investments in infrastructure of Gia Thuan 2 IC, Tan Ly Dong IC, Thanh Tan IC and My Phuoc Tay IC. At the same time, it has strengthened the organization of trade promotion programs, in which, organizing concentrated promotion programs; improving and innovating the activities of connecting supply and demand of goods, fairs and exhibitions.

In particular, the provincial Department of Industry and Trade also regularly organizes propaganda and information training activities about the free trade agreements that Vietnam has signed and participates in. From there, it has supported civil servants, public employees and businesses and cooperatives in the province to grasp, properly understand and take advantage of the benefits brought by the agreements.

Ngo San (Vietnam Business Forum)