Spreading Success Stories of Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneurs

10:29:16 AM | 10/7/2022

“Alongside honors and titles awarded to outstanding Vietnamese entrepreneurs in 2022, VCCI wishes to spread excellent examples to inspire entrepreneurship,” Mr. Pham Tan Cong, President of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) said at the press conference on celebratory events to mark the Vietnamese Entrepreneurs’ Day, October 13, and honor and award the “Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneur” title in 2022.

Mr. Cong recalled an important event 77 years ago when the newly founded state of Vietnam witnessed entrepreneurs nationwide actively devote themselves to the revolutionary cause. On October 13, 1945, President Ho Chi Minh sent a letter of praise to business people, highlighting the nationalistic spirit of Vietnamese businesspeople in history.

Proudly continuing the tradition, contemporary entrepreneurs are making an unremitting effort, desiring to devote and contribute to national construction and development.

Celebrating the 77th anniversary of Uncle Ho's letter to the business community and the 18th anniversary of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs’ Day is specially important to the business community across the country. VCCI President Pham Tan Cong said that VCCI and other business associations have organized many meaningful events to arouse national pride and dedication of Vietnamese entrepreneurs from generation to generation. The celebration of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs’ Day will be hosted by VCCI on October 12, 2022 and is expected to become even more special as it will honor outstanding Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

Remarking on the “Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneurs” program 2022, Mr. Cong said, this year's program has been comprehensively revamped by reducing quantity, raising quality, changing review criteria, and adding business ethics to review criteria announced by VCCI on May 19, 2022. A rigorous review process, including real appraisal at candidate companies, is conducted by financial experts who compare candidacy documents with original ones as well as interviews with candidates on business ethics and corporate governance.

From 211 candidates nominated by provinces and cities, after two rounds of evaluation, the Review Council will pick out 60 eminent entrepreneurs and vote for the Top 10 entrepreneurs.

Most of the Top 10 entrepreneurs are managing and operating manufacturing companies, both private and state-owned, he said. Awardees this year are outstanding figures of the Vietnamese business community in the new era who are well-known for virtue, talent, governance, fulfillment of tax obligations and good care of employees.

Not only honoring entrepreneurs and working with soulless candidate documents, but the review program is also more meaningful when their business success stories are told to society and inspire younger entrepreneurs to start a business. According to VCCI President Cong, in the next three years, VCCI will publish books about outstanding entrepreneurs and each character will have the best inspirational story.

“Among 60 winners, some are elderly, very experienced in business but very passionate. Some are young, largely active in the information technology industry and working with foreign partners," he added.

At the celebration, VCCI will credit six exceptional entrepreneurs who have contributed to epidemic prevention. On this occasion, VCCI will also send a letter to outstanding ones calling for donations to build charity houses for the poor.

Besides celebrating Vietnam Entrepreneurs’ Day and awarding outstanding entrepreneurs, on October 11, VCCI will cooperate with Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics to organize a scientific workshop on “Business ethics and Vietnamese business culture in a new context” with the aim of promoting and building a strong force of virtuous, talented and ethical Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial ethics not only bring value and create a foundation for sustainable development for businesses, but sharpen competitiveness of goods, and strengthen the magnet of the business environment. Partners all want to cooperate with virtuous entrepreneurs and people all want to consume goods and products produced by such entrepreneurs.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum