Facilitating Customs Clearance for Imported Petroleum

2:02:58 PM | 11/3/2022

The General Department of Customs recently requested local customs authorities to facilitate customs clearance for key petroleum importers. In case issues are beyond their power, they are supposed to make reports for further guidance.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade recently requested the Ministry of Finance to review and adjust petroleum import costs, business expense limits and profit limits to make accurate and adequate calculations of base prices of petroleum products, maintain operations for petroleum traders and encourage petroleum importers to supply products to the market.

At the same time, the General Department of Vietnam Customs facilitates leading petroleum firms to clear imported petroleum products to promptly supply the domestic market. The agency always quickly settles customs procedures for imported petroleum products - essential inputs for production and consumption.

To further facilitate and reduce the clearance time and promptly supply imports onto the market, the General Department issued Document 3642/TCHQ-GSQL dated August 31, 2022 to direct local customs authorities to quickly carry out customs clearance for imported petroleum products.

At the same time, they need to arrange officers to handle customs procedures, inspect, supervise and tackle problems with imported petroleum products, even beyond work hours, to ensure customs clearance around the clock. They need to actively grasp and solve emerging problems and strictly deal with harassing cases for enterprises.

By Vietnam Business Forum