TH true MILK: The best dairy farm in Vietnam

2:58:02 PM | 10/27/2022

As a concentrated dairy farm with a closed process with a herd of nearly 70,000 heads, applying high technology and a circular economy model, TH is considered the best dairy farm in Vietnam.

This is the VIETSTOCK 2022 award chaired by the Department of Livestock Production - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, announced in mid-October. TH achieved a "double" including the award for Best Dairy Farm 2021-2022 and Best ruminant feed producer 2021-2022.

In particular, the farm cluster of TH Group in Nghe An has long been known as a large-scale facility with the most modern technology in dairy farming in Vietnam.

TH Farm – The best dairy farm in Vietnam 2021-2022

High-tech farm cluster reaches a world record

Implemented since October 2009 with a total investment of 1.2 billion USD, TH Group's "High-tech industrial scale concentrated dairy farming and milk processing" project has been completed and put into operation 3 clusters of farms, including 9 farms, with the number of dairy cows approaching 70,000 heads.

Since being put into operation, TH Farm has won many major domestic and international livestock awards, setting the record for the largest farm in Southeast Asia in 2015 and "Cluster of farms focusing on industrial application". high technology with the world's largest closed production process" 2020.

Sustainable development thinking and core values ​​​​"Completely from nature", "Environmentally friendly" with the application of high technology, 4.0 technology combined with Vietnamese wisdom, Vietnamese natural resources contributed to helping TH Group maintain double-digit growth even during the pandemic, continuously launching many new healthy products to serve the needs of consumers.

Thanks to the optimal feeding, care and nutrition process, TH Farm's dairy cows achieve the highest milk production in Vietnam and Southeast Asia: The average peak season reaches 35 liters/head/day, equivalent to nearly 11,000 liters/head/cycle of 305 days.

The world's leading advanced production management systems were put into operation such as: Breeding process, cow herd management, barns using advanced dairy management system Afimilk (Israel); New Zealand's veterinary and disease management process; Software system to control mixing, making food rations (1-One, DNS), Process, equipment for water and waste treatment of Japan, Israel, the Netherlands;…

TH dairy cows are worn with chips for comprehensive monitoring of health and milk production

TH is also the first farm in Vietnam to convert pastures and cows to organic farming to produce organic fresh milk according to European standards. A methodical "organization" process for dairy cows raised in Vietnamese fields was carried out right from 2015 and until mid-2017, after persistent efforts, Control Union - a prestigious organic certification agency Credits in the world have granted European certificates EC 834-2007, EC 889-2008 for TH's organic dairy farm. Control Union assessed that TH is typical for the development of organic agriculture in Vietnam.

TH is the first farm in Vietnam to convert pastures and cows to organic farming to produce organic fresh milk

From the success at the beginning of "dairy capital" Nghe An, TH Group's high-tech dairy farms and milk processing are being expanded to many provinces and cities across the country, from Thanh Hoa, Kon Tum, Phu Yen, An Giang ... to the northern border belt provinces such as Ha Giang, Cao Bang. With the development of high-tech farms across the country and the creation of a green, clean and safe production, TH Group wants Vietnamese consumers to have access to nutritious fresh milk products with high standards. international quality standards.

Pioneering the development of circular economy

Deploying the project of high-tech dairy farming and milk processing since 2009, when the concept of "circular economy" was still unfamiliar to Vietnamese businesses, TH Group pioneered to build a chain of dairy products. self-contained production "from green meadow to clean milk glass".

True to the name of the "circular economy" model, at the farms of TH Group, "every waste output of one stage is the input of another stage". Instead of disposal, resources are "circulated" to continue to create new values, thereby reducing resource exploitation, reducing waste treatment costs, reducing environmental pollution, and protecting nature. .

Livestock waste is used to produce fertilizer for fields that grow crops and feed raw materials for dairy cows

This activity can be seen quite clearly in the waste treatment process on the farm of TH Group. Waste from the livestock production process, after being treated up to standards, becomes a biological buffer for the farm and a high-quality, biodegradable, nutrient-rich natural organic fertilizer, helping to improve the soil, providing nutrients for plants. With the use of this source of fertilizer, TH's fields minimize the use of chemical fertilizers of inorganic origin that can have long-term consequences for the arable land and the environment.

Wastewater from livestock production is also treated with modern and advanced technology and returned to nature according to national standards.

Organic fertilizers, biological buffers, and treated wastewater have become the "inputs" of the new cycle, returning to the field and serving the operation of the farm. The stages of circulating treatment on the farm of TH Group may sound simple at first, but they are all applied with high technology to ensure efficiency.

By 2020, TH Group will install solar panels on the roofs of barns and factories (currently installed in 5 out of 9 farms, installed at TH dairy factory, purified water factory, herbal plant, etc.) Nui Tien pharmaceutical and fruit products), both producing a "green" power source and contributing to limiting the heat absorption process thereby reducing the heat for the barn.

Particularly for TH, the green development trend is the self-created "clean electricity" to replace fossil energy sources, contributing to environmental protection while helping to diversify energy sources, ensuring security. national energy, further affirming the prestige and stature of Vietnamese enterprises in international integration.

The Best Dairy Farm in Vietnam Award – VIETSTOCK 2022 requires many criteria such as: Being a dairy farm with a total herd of the top 10 largest dairy farms in Vietnam; having an average yield of over 30 liters of milk/head/day (over 10,000 liters/head/cycle); recognized livestock production according to the GlobalGAP or VietGAP process; livestock production according to the circular economy model; ensure biosecurity, control epidemics; best community support…

Source: Vietnam Business Forum