Taking Good Care of Workers' Lives in IPs

2:26:00 PM | 11/30/2022

As the state management agency for industrial parks (IPs) in Vinh Phuc province, over the years, the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authority has taken good care of workers in IPs, thereby creating motivation for them to work better. Our reporter had a conversation with Mr. Vu Kim Thanh, Deputy Director of Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authority, about this activity.

Could you tell us what specific activities the Vinh Phuc Industrial Parks Authority has taken to promote the care of workers in the IPs?

Over the past time, we have closely coordinated with the Provincial Trade Union of IPs to care for the lives and jobs of workers with practical activities such as monitoring and urging enterprises to ensure good implementation of the regimes for employees; timely encouraging and commending typical collectives and individuals in working and production as well as children of union members; improving working conditions for employees; annually organizing many exchange events between units in the IPs.

In recent years, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected the lives and jobs of hundreds of thousands of workers. The Authority and the Standing Committee of the provincial Trade Union of IPs have organized visits to, and given gifts to workers implement "3 on the spot"; coordinated with functional sectors to promptly settle petitions of employees on regimes and benefits upon termination of labor contracts; or suspension of work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have proposed the leaders of the Provincial People's Committee to build housing projects and cultural institutions for workers in local IPs.

Besides, Vinh Phuc province has promulgated the investment policy to build five typical models in enterprises equipped with cultural publications, televisions, radio speakers, organizing cultural and artistic activities, physical training and sports for workers to participate in cultural and artistic activities; thereby creating motivation for them to work enthusiastically and feel secure to stick with the business for a long time.

Could you tell us some of your typical movement activities recently implemented in collaboration with other units and businesses?

Since the beginning of the year, we have closely coordinated with the Trade Union of Vinh Phuc IPs and tenants to promote cultural and sports playgrounds for union members and workers. We have also implemented social activities for the community, in order to spread the spirit of love, compassion, "one for all, all for one" among employees in various IPs. Some specific activities are as follows:

On October 15, 2022, at Ba Thien 2 IP, Vina Union Co., Ltd. successfully held the Miss Ao Dai contest in 2022. The contest attracted a large number of employees and workers in the company to participate and cheer for the contest. On the same day, the Union of Vina Union Co., Ltd. also held the Employee Conference in 2022.

On October 24, 2022, at Thang Long IP, the infrastructure developer of Thang Long IP - Vinh Phuc and the National Institute of Hematology-Blood Transfusion successfully organized the program "Blood Donation Day". The program attracted hundreds of cadres and workers at Thang Long IP and neighboring IPs to participate.

On October 2, 2022, the Women's Football Tournament was held for workers in Vinh Phuc IPs. The event was organized by the Trade Union of IPs, with the participation of 20 football teams coming from grassroots trade unions of enterprises in IPs located in the province. The attractive and exciting matches with the enthusiastic cheering of the audience brought success to the tournament, and created motivation for the female workers.

The 7th Patron Vina Co., Ltd Football Championship 2022 organized by the Trade Union of Patron Vina Co., Ltd in Khai Quang IP took place from August 21 to October 9, 2022. 14 male and female football teams who were cadres and employees of Patron Vina Co., Ltd participated in the tournament. The tournament created motivation and spread emulation movements for health training, physical training and sports in enterprises in Khai Quang IP in particular and Vinh Phuc IPs in general.

In order to continue to take care of workers comprehensively, what key tasks and solutions will the province in general and the Authority in particular deploy?

In 2022 and the following years, Vinh Phuc will continue to implement Circular 05 of the Provincial Party Committee on leadership and direction for implementing Directive 52 of the Central Secretariat on improving the cultural and spiritual life for workers in industrial parks and clusters in the province.

From the perspective of the IPs Authority, we will continue to work closely with trade unions at all levels and enterprises in IPs to take care of workers' lives and jobs.

In addition to proposing to the Provincial People's Committee to build social housing and cultural institutions to serve trade union members and workers in the province's IPs, we will continue to promote the socialization of social housing for workers in IPs by paying attention to attracting investment from outside resources, mobilizing investors and IP infrastructure owners to invest in building social accommodation for workers.

We will also monitor and urge enterprises to well settle the regimes for workers in IPs in accordance with the labor law, protect the legitimate interests of workers; promote the emulation movements of skilled labor, creative labor, create motivation and emulation spirit for enthusiastic production in enterprises. We will actively urge and mobilize enterprises in IPs to continue strictly implementing the prevention and control of the COVID-19 pandemic according to the new Directives of the Government and the Ministry of Health, to ensure human safety and promote production and business development in local IPs.

Thank you very much!

By Nguyet Tham, Vietnam Business Forum