Tourists Flocking to Cam Mountain Cable Car Resort

9:35:10 AM | 2/13/2023

Generously delivering New Year joy and luck to visitors, from the 20th to 30th days of the first lunar month, An Giang Cam Mountain Cable Car hosts a buffet with dozens of folk fruit cakes imbued with spiritual flavors.

Bringing positive energy

The first lunar month is yet to be over. The Cam Mountain Cable Car Buffet Program is relaunched after receiving positive and good feedback from visitors about the service culture at this place. They said, coming to Cam Mountain Cable Car, they can visit temples and pray for peace on the top of the sacred mountain, enjoy a lot of food and wish for a new year of fullness and prosperity.

Not just enjoying delicious foods, they can receive generous gifts. How wonderful! They wonder whether any other places can offer as many gifts to tourists as Cam Mountain Cable Car.

Amazing view from cable cars

With majestic mountains, lyrical scenery and spiritual activities, An Giang is the only place in the land of "Nine Dragons" with many legends about divinities, bodhisattvas, fairies and saints. In particular, traces related to legends are still heard and seen to this day, becoming an attractive destination to curious tourists far and wide who want to see with their own eyes what they hear about.

In the past, many prodigies came to the Seven Mountains to practice, rest their mind and seek a realm of liberty. Perhaps, they were the first to form folk legends about fairies with strange traces. These traces often evoke curiosity, interest and desire to witness the wonder of nature with their own eyes. That is the way to call "fairy yard", "fairy well", "magic eye of rock " or "fairy footprints" on the mountains in An Giang province.

Carrying a mysterious legend, "fairy signs" on the mountains attract a large number of tourists from all over the world with a strong belief in supernatural protection of life. This spiritual activity builds the diversity of folk culture and satisfies the religious needs of many people. So, do not hesitate to approach "fairy marks" on the mountains in An Giang to understand more about these mysterious legends.

Visiting temples and pagodas at the start of the lunar year, and going to the sacred Cam Mountain to pray for peace is a way to spread the beauty of Vietnamese beliefs. This is also a chance to “witness” the fairy marks on Thien Cam Son Mountain covered with legendary colors. Cam Mountain Cable Car & Buffet will take on the mission of bringing you to touch the messages of the supernatural.

By Thanh Mieng, Vietnam Business Forum