Dak Lak Exports 10 Containers of Bananas to China Right after New Year Holiday

8:07:22 PM | 2/15/2023

Banana Brothers Farm Joint Stock Company (BBF Company) in M'Drak district, Dak Lak province, has just held a launch ceremony to export under the official quota 10 containers of bananas to the Chinese market in the early days of Lunar New Year 2023.

The bananas were grown and processed by BBF Company in village 1, Ea Yeeng commune, M'Drak district, Dak Lak province. The export shipment is worth over VND 5 billion, with each container consisting of 21 tonnes of bananas.

Ms. Le Thi My Hanh, General Director of BBF Company, said that the firm has been operating at full capacity in order to fulfill on schedule the order. The representative of BBF Company also revealed that this is their first order of the year, which brings hope of luck and happiness in 2023. 

BBF Company started growing nearly 150 hectares of old South American bananas in 2020 by using high-tech tissue transplantation. The planting area is laid out in a checkerboard in order to facilitate cultivation and harvesting. To ensure the banana products meet export standards, the selection of varieties, cultivation and harvest are required to strictly adhere to the technical process. 

Currently, BBF Company has launched banana products in a stable manner with an average output of 65 tonnes per hectare each year. In 2022, the firm officially exported bananas to the Republic of Korea, China, and Japan with an output of over 6,500 tonnes.

With the positive effects that the high-tech tissue transplant banana project brings, it is expected that in the following years, BBF Company will expand about 300 hectares of banana cultivation. The new raw material area is expected to attract more workers to participate in the production process, create jobs for local workers and contribute to ensuring social security.

At the launch ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Hoai Duong, Director of the Dak Lak Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, congratulated BBF Company on getting an export order of processed fruits right in the first days of the new year. This is good news for the local fruit processing industry.

Mr. Duong emphasized that the province's agriculture is actively restructuring towards concentrated commodity production, application of high technology, and production in the direction of organic and multi-valued products. The export of Dak Lak's products to some important markets with relatively good growth performance in recent times has opened up many prospects, bringing economic benefits to both investors and farmers in the province.

Based on the great potential advantage of the raw material area, Dak Lak province will continue to create conditions for businesses to connect supply and demand, as well as promote the domestic consumption market, especially for export, thereby helping to improve the position of Vietnamese agricultural products, contributing to the economy of the country..

By Kim Bao, Vietnam Business Forum