New Business Support Project Officially Kicked Off

2:11:16 PM | 4/6/2023

Reed Tradex Vietnam Company recently held a kick-off ceremony and signed a cooperation agreement for the 2023 Business Initiative Community Project to support enterprises in the manufacturing, supporting industries and electronics sectors to find new potential partners. Also within the framework of the program was the kick-off ceremony of the International Industrial Exhibition-Vietnam Manufacturing Expo (VME) and the International Electronics Exhibition-NEPCON Vietnam with many practical activities to support enterprises to expand their markets and access opportunities in the global supply chain.

Speakers at a panel discussion at the launch of the Business Innovation Zone 2023 project

Speaking at the event, Mr. Vu Trong Tai, General Director of RX Tradex Vietnam, said that the COVID-19 pandemic left many heavy consequences for businesses, especially Vietnamese enterprises operating in the manufacturing, electronics and supporting industries. However, even during the pandemic and the current post-COVID recovery process, Vietnam has been evaluated by major financial institutions as an attractive destination for global businesses. Especially for foreign investors, Vietnam is still considered a potential market with many opportunities in the fields of manufacturing industry, machinery and equipment, automation, electricity and supporting industries.

To support international and domestic enterprises, especially the group of SMEs in the manufacturing, electronics and supporting industries to take advantage of “direct and online” business opportunities, adapt to changes in production and business activities, overcome challenges during and after the pandemic, the Business Initiative Community Project was officially initiated in June 2020, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, local Departments of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE) and specialized associations. By 2023, the Business Initiative Community Project with the theme "Power of Resonance from People, Technology and Communication" has successfully organized five forums, seven seminars and 12 symposiums. It has accompanied and been a strategic partner of more than 30 domestic and international media units; received expert support and content sponsorship from three professional associations of manufacturing and electronics; and built long-term cooperation relationships with more than 10 consulting partners, experts and speakers with training expertise to support the development of leaders and management teams for manufacturing and electronics enterprises, promoting foreign trade, bringing Vietnamese enterprises to the world.

Sharing more specifically about the Business Initiative Community Project in 2023, Mr. Phan Quang Vinh, Director of Communications – Marketing, RX Tradex Vietnam, said the Business Initiative Community Project in 2023 will continue to maintain and develop activities that follow the theme "Power of Resonance from People, Technology and Communication". This year, the project is expected to organize two forums, four seminars, five symposiums and two skill training programs for managers and business leaders.

Especially following the success of the Factory Visit Trip in previous years, in 2023, the Business Initiative Community Project will provide an opportunity to find potential customers through Factory Visit Trip in Thailand and Vietnam. Specifically, Factory Visit Trip 2023 is to provide both visitors and exhibitors of the VME and NEPCON Exhibitions, as well as partners, with useful experiences during the factory visits, where business representatives will visit the infrastructure and learn about the production process. "Important criteria for selecting factories to visit include a high digitization rate of over 40%, the application of new and high-tech machinery and technology, and the current model of a factory that serves industrialization and modernization," said Mr. Vinh.

Appreciating the role and importance of the Business Initiative Community Project, Mr. Pham Trung Hung, Consulting Director at PNA Consulting, stated that people are always a prerequisite to significantly impacting business model functioning. Therefore, the Business Initiative Community Project focuses on the three elements People-Technology-Communication which will always be essential for businesses, regardless of the stage of the process during the implementation of strategies for organizational leadership and team development.                                               

By My Chau, Vietnam Business Forum