Promoting Party Development in Private Enterprises

10:14:07 AM | 4/28/2023

After more than 35 years of implementing "Doi Moi", the view and awareness about the private economy has changed, which has encouraged and promoted this economic sector to grow in both quantity and quality, making an increasingly important contribution to the process of national construction. Promoting party development and developing party members in private enterprises has been paid attention to and achieved certain results.

Mr. Hoang Quang Phong, Deputy Secretary of VCCI Party Union and VCCI Vice President, addressed the press conference on the Party development in Vietnamese enterprises

The role of party organizations in private enterprises

For more than 35 years, the Party has given clearer instructions on the development of the private economy, and the Party committees at all levels have programs that have been gradually improved over time. The position and role of this economic sector in the multi-sector economy has been increasingly recognized; the contribution of the private sector to the Vietnamese economy in the process of "Doi Moi" has also been recognized by the Party. The Party has also advocated and directed to create a favorable environment (in terms of institutional, policy, psychological and social factors) for the private economy to develop, becoming an important driving force of the market economy in Vietnam. The Vietnamese business community in general and private enterprises in particular are increasingly enjoying the results of the improving business environment, especially the reduction of business investment conditions, simplified administrative procedures and policies to support business development. Private enterprises have become an important force in the private sector, growing rapidly in both quantity and quality, and operating effectively in many fields.

The private sector contributed about 40% of GDP, 59.5% of total social development investment capital, 30% of the state budget and attracted about 85% of the workforce. Many large private enterprises made great contributions such as Truong Hai Group, BRG Group; Long Thanh Group and VinGroup. In which, many businesses have strong party committees and cells such as Thai Binh Shoes Group, Huong Sen Group and BRG Group. This work is to help businesses operate in accordance with the Party's guidelines and lines, the State's policies and laws. It is also a bridge reflecting the thoughts and aspirations of employees to business owners and to superior party organizations, thereby contributing to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers and employees.

The contingent of private enterprise owners has also increased in both quantity and quality. They are basically knowledgeable and brave people in the market. Over the past time, many private enterprise owners have had a strong desire to join the Party; some of them have been elected as National Assembly deputies, People's Council deputies at all levels, etc.

Private enterprises with a party organization will ensure the "party character" in carrying out their activities, being an ethical standard in business, pioneering and exemplary in carrying out production and business tasks and social responsibility of enterprises and employers. In fact, the building of Party organizations and the development of party members in private enterprises have seen positive changes in recent years. According to the Central Organization Commission, as of December 31, 2020, the whole country had established 6,846 party organizations in private enterprises.

Many party organizations in private enterprises have demonstrated their roles and positions, actively contributing to the stability and development of enterprises. In fact, in many private enterprises, since the establishment of party organizations and union organizations, the awareness of workers has been significantly improved, the situation of strikes has been reduced; internal solidarity, labor emulation and productivity have been raised.

However, developing Party organizations in private enterprises also has limitations because the number of Party grassroots organizations and the number of party members in the total number of private enterprises are still modest.

Mr. Hoang Quang Phong, Deputy Secretary of VCCI Party Union and VCCI Vice President, co-chaired the press conference on the Party development in Vietnamese enterprises

Promoting party organizations in private enterprises

In order to improve the effectiveness of Party organization building and Party membership development in private enterprises, the Party committees, party organizations and authorities at all levels need to raise the responsibility of the Party organizations, Party committees and organizations at all levels, mobilize the participation of the whole political system, step up the work of mobilization, propaganda, and education. It will create a strong change in awareness and action among cadres, party members, business owners and employees about the Party's guidelines and the State's policies and laws to develop the private economy into a dynamic force of the socialist-oriented market economy.

It is necessary to promote theoretical research and practical summaries related to building party organizations and developing party members in private enterprises; concentrate on leading, directing, consolidating and improving the quality of activities of party and government organizations; step up the reform of administrative procedures in the stages and steps in the process and procedures for admitting party members. For private enterprises that already have party organizations and members, it is necessary to review and re-evaluate the actual operating status of party organizations and party members; propose solutions to consolidate and improve the quality of operations. For private enterprises without a party organization, the Party Committees at all levels shall direct the Party committees and affiliated organizations to review and ascertain the number of party members working in the private enterprise (but currently participating in a party organization outside the enterprise), when there are three or more official party members and they are working stably, the cell shall be established; if the number of party members is not enough to set up a cell, it is necessary to transfer this number of party members to participate in some suitable party organizations and actively prepare the conditions for the establishment of a new cell.

In addition, it is necessary to renew the content of Party activities in private enterprises in the direction of compactness, quality, and focus. It is necessary to guide the party organization at private enterprises to develop operating regulations and coordination regulations between the committees and the leadership boards and business owners. In which, it is necessary to clearly stipulate that the party organization participates in the construction and development of enterprises and the responsibilities of enterprises in creating conditions for the party organization to operate; detect, introduce and recommend qualified party members for consideration and appointment as leaders and managers (according to each appropriate level) of the enterprise; and timely settle issues related to main legitimate rights, obligations and interests of workers.

In particular, it is necessary to promote the building of socio-political organizations in private enterprises, such as trade unions and youth unions to participate in activities to improve the quality of party organizations and develop party members in private enterprises. It is important to guide, propagate and mobilize employees to develop union members, and establish grassroots trade unions in private enterprises. Party committees, organizations and governments at all levels should pay attention to investing in funds and facilities to ensure conditions for party activities.

In addition, priority should be given to fostering and developing law-abiding business owners who have integrity and ability to manage. It is necessary to implement the motto "go ahead, take the lead" and strengthen the training and admission of Party members in universities, colleges, intermediate schools, vocational schools to supplement and create sources of Party members for private enterprises. It is necessary to strengthen the inspection, supervision, periodical preliminary and final reviews to improve the quality of party organizations and party members in private enterprises. The inspection and supervision are needed to promote the advantages, promptly identify the limitations and shortcomings and find ways to overcome difficulties and obstacles. It is necessary to discover new models, good practices, advanced and typical examples; organize dialogues and seminars on developing party members, building party organizations and mass organizations in private enterprises and invite business owners to attend to raise their awareness of the Party's guidelines and policies, the State's law on building the Party and mass organizations in private enterprises.

For party organizations in private enterprises, it is necessary to review, make statistics and well manage the elite mass force to develop an annual plan for fostering and developing party members; actively develop, promulgate and organize the implementation of the working regulations of the Party Committee, and regulations on coordination between the Party Committee and the leadership of the enterprise under the direction and guidance of the Party Committee.

In addition, it is necessary to lead and direct mass organizations to launch emulation, promote initiatives and improve techniques in performing professional tasks, production and business; continue to renovate the contents and modes of operation, well perform the role of caring for and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of union members in order to attract and strengthen the forces to create development sources for party members and party organizations.

Hoang Quang Phong

Deputy Secretary of VCCI Party Union, VCCI Vice President

Source: Vietnam Business Forum