GDT Keeps Warning Against Tax Agency Impersonation for Mercenary Gains, Frauds

10:17:30 AM | 8/2/2023

Scams via text messages, websites, and applications impersonating tax authorities are increasing in degree and frequency with the aim of deceiving tax payment authorization or purchase for tax legal publications. In response to this reality, the General Department of Taxation warned the business community and taxpayers about scams on social networking platforms that advertise fake domains and applications of tax authorities to deceive tax payment authorization.

For example, scammers pretend to be tax officials to call people to guide them to access the hyperlink "" and download the fake application of the General Department of Taxation to update their citizen's identity in the business registration file. They even request payment of personal income tax.

To avoid being scammed, the GDT warned businesses and people not to accept paid parcels labeled “Tax law documents”. In case there is any doubt, taxpayers should contact local tax offices for support via the telephone number stated on their official websites with Vietnam country domain name ending with “.vn”."

By Huong hau, Vietnam Business Forum