U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam Marc E. Knapper Visits Coca-Cola Vietnam's Hanoi Plant

4:09:39 PM | 8/4/2023

U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam Marc E. Knapper visited Coca-Cola Vietnam's Hanoi Plant, marking a momentous occasion in the journey of Coca-Cola's presence in Vietnam. During this visit, the Ambassador engaged in a series of activities that underscored the company's commitment to sustainability and community empowerment.

During the visit, Ambassador Knapper met with leaders and dedicated associates working at the Hanoi Plant, where the Ambassador gained insight into the expertise and dedication that drives Coca-Cola's success in Vietnam.

Peeyush Sharma, CEO of Coca-Cola Vietnam, took the opportunity to share a comprehensive business update and underscored the company's unwavering sustainability commitments throughout its remarkable journey in Vietnam. On behalf of Coca-Cola, Mr. Sharma expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Ambassador and the U.S. Mission in Vietnam for their invaluable and timely support, which has played a pivotal role in facilitating the production and business operations of Coca-Cola in the country.

Ambassador Knapper embarked on an insightful plant tour, witnessing the cutting-edge product lines and the global standard wastewater treatment system. Additionally, the Ambassador participated in a symbolic tree-planting ceremony at the Ha Noi Plant, signifying Coca-Cola Vietnam's commitment to environmental stewardship.

In addition to the Hanoi Plant, the Ambassador also visited the Coca-Cola EkoCenter, a flagship initiative that seamlessly integrates various sustainability pillars of Coca-Cola, including water replenishment, women empowerment, waste management, and overall community well-being. At the EkoCenter, the Ambassador made a heartwarming gesture by donating 100 books to the local children's library, reaffirming the importance of education and access to knowledge.

Furthermore, Ambassador Knapper witnessed several community activities at the EkoCenter, such as the display of local lacquer products from Duyen Thai Commune, the innovative initiative of exchanging used plastic bottles for Coca-Cola products and witnessing local people accessing clean water—an essential resource that the EkoCenter provides to the community.

"I enjoyed my visit on August 2 to the Coca-Cola bottling plant and Ekocenter in Hanoi's Thường Tín District.  Coca-Cola benefits from strong business and government partnerships here in Vietnam, but it also does tremendous work supporting local communities at its Ekocenter.  I love seeing first-hand our American companies engage with local communities!" – said by Ambassador Knapper

The Ambassador also conveyed his pleasure in continuing his support for Coca-Cola's business development and sustainability efforts. The shared purpose of refreshing the world and making a positive difference has been evident in Coca-Cola Vietnam's initiatives.

Coca-Cola Vietnam remains committed to maintaining its legacy of responsible business practices and meaningful contributions to the communities it serves. The company's partnership with Vietnam stands as a testament to the shared vision of fostering sustainable growth and co-creating a better shared future.

T.H (Vietnam Business Forum)