Footballer Huỳnh Như Open Doors to Welcome New Friends and Diverse Life Experiences through Tinder

10:12:22 AM | 8/14/2023

To many Vietnamese football fans, Huỳnh Như is not only a talented footballer but also an inspirational icon for many young people, especially women, in pursuing dreams with fierce passion and determination. Coming from Trà Vinh where Như was cycling 20km to training field and her dream almost ended when the training club announced closure, Huỳnh Như rose to become the number one female football player in Vietnam, got recruited by Lank FC in Portugal, and has spent her career putting Vietnam to shine on the world field.

Beside her well-known successful career in football, little do fans know Huỳnh Như is also a dynamic woman who likes to explore the world outside and make connections new people of diverse backgrounds. This passion has led her to partner with Tinder, the world’s most popular app for meeting new people, to open a new chapter where Như can uncover the possibilities that human connections can bring. “As an open-minded and optimistic person, I enjoy meeting and connecting with new people. However, I do not have many opportunities to go out to meet new friends due to my busy schedule. Tinder has helped me a lot in expanding my circle of connections”, Như shared.

Tinder has had the chance to help interested members and football fans step inside Huỳnh Như’s dating life and learn ‘how she strikes’ when meeting new people online. Let’s get the ‘flame’ rolling!

The hattricks to have an ideal Tinder bio:

The internet has made Huỳnh Như’s Tinder bio the talk of town after fans spotting her on their Discovery Feed. But Huỳnh Như expresses more than just relying on her popularity to attract new people. Talking about how she builds the best bio to represent herself, Như shared the “hattrick” keywords:

Authentic: I want to make connections with real people so I make sure my profile is verified and authentic to attract the same

Sporty: My passion for sports is highlighted in my bio, from my cool photos on the field, to my daily moments roaming free back in Tra Vinh - my hometown or in Europe.

Surprising: I also like to keep some flavors of mystery in my bio so there are more reasons for people to ice-break and have interesting conversations about me beyond my soccer career.

Though being sophisticated about her Tinder bio, what makes Huỳnh Như match with others are not that difficult: people who also express their personalities and interests so she can find people of the same energy, “Beside my passion for sports, me and my family all love singing, especially southern folk music. So I'm attracted to the one who shares the same hobby for music. Besides, I have a simple lifestyle, so I also look for people with similar lifestyles on their Tinder profile.”

Huỳnh Như’s hacks to connect with new people safely

The 1991-born footballer prioritizes her safety and ease of mind when it comes to meeting new people on Tinder. And just like playing a football match, there are tactics that Huỳnh Như use to build ‘the best defense and protect her home goal’. Huỳnh Như’s first advice is to learn Community Guidelines to understand the do and don’ts, and what you can report if you encounter any inappropriate behaviors. 

Huỳnh Như also emphasizes the importance of being truthful and verified on Tinder to “goalkeep” your safety and peace of mind to enjoy making new connections more: “Match with profiles that have a picture of their face and have been verified. I recently discovered a new feature called ‘Photo Verified Chat’ which allows me to only receive messages from Photo Verified members, which is an extra layer of protection shield. And lastly, if you don’t like to keep guessing and being unsure about the others’ intentions, try using the ‘Relationship Goals’ feature and find people who share the same goals. Like me, I put Finding new friends on my bio

Taking a proactive approach to building happiness in life

With her journey to nurture her talents and pursue a successful career in football, Huỳnh Như also applies the same motto in dating as a woman - creating opportunities for oneself to build more confidence, and have joy through new connections: “Just like I had to work hard to follow my football dream, good things will not come if we don’t make a move.

With this spirit, Như has opened doors to many memorable experiences coming her way from Tinder. Sharing about her most memorable match, Như recalls her first Tinder date in Portugal: “When I was new there, in addition to changing to adapt to a new life, when I was craving a connection, I joined Tinder to make friends. I luckily matched a guy who was not only handsome but also gallant. He took me to explore famous places, eat delicious dishes, and it helped me quickly adapt to the new life away from home. Even though we are just friends, he is a very meaningful and cherishable friend.”

Sharing with Tinder, Huỳnh Như affirms that she is open to the world of possibilities and revealing some ways singletons can make dating more exciting “Whether it could be a soulmate, a friend, lover or someone who inspires me to new things, I am really happy and welcome these exciting connections. I believe that many young people these days will also share the same thoughts. Finding love or making new friends on dating apps is nothing to be hesitant aboutf. You can also create many interesting experiences together when you step out into IRL dates. For example, instead of traditional activities such as cinemas, you can try hobbies such as playing table tennis, learning handmade crafts together. Or even making a fun video together like I like doing with my friends.

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