SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2023 Returns to Vietnam After Two Years of Success

3:22:17 PM | 8/17/2023

After two years of resounding success, SCGP, a leading multinational consumer packaging solutions provider in ASEAN, is thrilled to announce the return of SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2023 in Vietnam.

Under the topic of "Sales Promoting Packaging", this year's competition is a beacon of inspiration for the Vietnamese young generation who was driven by a deep passion for customer-centric design, SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2023 - Vietnam not only unleashes the creativity of Vietnamese young people, but also presents a fresh avenue to promote businesses by delivering inventive, marketable, and eco-conscious packaging solutions, designed to cater to a multitude of needs.

In an ever-changing world, packaging plays a pivotal role in elevating the consumer experience, acting as the gateway to a product's essence. A survey conducted by Vietnam Report in 2022 revealed that customer-centric packaging is paramount. It must resonate with consumers on a personal level, captivating their attention and reflecting their values. By incorporating functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability, packaging transforms into a tangible expression of brand commitment. Seamlessly melding practicality and emotional connection, customer-centric packaging not only protects the product but also creates a memorable and satisfying journey, forging lasting connections between brands and their consumers.

Mr. Sompob Witworrasakul, Chief Regional Officer, SCGP, emphasized the importance of sustainable, customer-centric packaging, stating: “In just two years, SCGP Packaging Speak Out has ignited a powerful drive among young Vietnamese visionaries to shape a sustainable future through innovative packaging designs. Specifically, the recognition of the packaging industry by businesses, valuing sustainable outreach while ensuring practicality and convenience for consumers, fills us with immense pride. As we launch this year's competition, we aim to inspire and empower young talents to propel us towards a better future for our communities and a greener planet.”

With the theme "Possibilities for the Betterment", SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2023 - Vietnam attracts packaging ideas that not only elevate products and enhance consumers’ experience but also address environmental and social consciousness. The competition’s topic is "Sales Promoting Packaging'', where the packaging design offers creative and marketable solutions to enhance product differentiation and value, thereby supporting Vietnam's economic growth in both domestic and export markets.

An exciting addition to this year's competition is the exclusive seminar on September 16th, 2023, which boasts a distinguished lineup of guest speakers, renowned for their expertise in crafting sustainable and impactful packaging designs. Registered participants will have the incredible opportunity to attend this enlightening event and engage with these esteemed speakers, including SCGP experts and Mr. Phan Trong Binh (Leo Phan), the Founder of Bold Creative Training Lab who is one of the most influential people in the design and marketing industries.

SCGP is committed to empowering young talents throughout Vietnam to spark innovation and sustainability within the packaging industry. By hosting the SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2023 - Vietnam and the accompanying seminar, SCGP strives to foster a new generation of visionary designers. Their ingenious packaging solutions will not only cater to businesses but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

For registration and more information about SCGP Packaging Speak Out 2023 - Vietnam, please visit: Don't miss this opportunity to make a difference in the packaging world and contribute to a better and more sustainable futures.

Van Luong - Vietnam Business Forum