C asean Consonant’s “Friendship Beyond Frontier” Concert 2023 in Hanoi

3:01:21 PM | 10/18/2023

Co-organized by Vietnam National Academy of Music and C asean, the “Friendship Beyond Frontier” concert featured the participation of 10 talented artists from 10 ASEAN countries in Hanoi, bringing unique and profound musical experiences to the audience.

C asean Consonant performed together with the young talents from Vietnam National Academy of Music

Taking place on the evening of October 15 in Hanoi, the concert was attended by the Ambassadors of ASEAN countries in Vietnam, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hoa – Director General of the International Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism; Associate Professor Dr. Le Anh Tuan, Director of the Vietnam National Academy of Music; as well as Vietnamese and international audience, along with students from various music institutions.

C asean Consonant is a traditional music ensemble of ASEAN that utilizes the universal language of humanity, which is music, as a means to weave together the diverse cultural heritages of the ASEAN member nations. Through this, it aims to foster stronger friendships and cooperation among the countries.

Starting in 2015 in Thailand, the journey of C asean Consonant has taken them through countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Indonesia. This year, their destination is Vietnam. This project has become a platform for the younger generation to share, learn, develop, and preserve the traditional music of ASEAN.

C asean Consonant ensemble consisted of 10 traditional instrument musicians from 10 ASEAN countries.

For over two hours, the concert unfolded in a warm and joyful atmosphere, featuring a splendid and diverse array of traditional folk melodies performed by young talents - 10 artists representing 10 ASEAN nations.

The C asean Consonant concert featured 12 distinct performances, each with its unique color, acting as a bridge between the various folk music traditions and the more than 600 attendees. It can be said that the "Friendship Beyond Frontier” has provided the audience with a truly unique and profound musical experience. Simultaneously, it delivered emotional interludes, contributing to the strengthening of friendship and cooperation among the nations within the ASEAN region.

The concert event was attended by the Ambassadors of ASEAN countries in Vietnam

The concert opened with a choral performance of the song Asean: The ASEAN Way, which won the top prize in the songwriting competition for ASEAN in November 2008.  The Asean Way has since become the official anthem of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Next was the performance of the song Hola Hela, which embodies the beauty, prosperity, peace, and spirit of cooperation of Brunei and its people.

Next up was the instrumental ensemble "Desh" from Singapore, with the special feature of this performance being the prominent use of the Bansuri flute as the primary musical instrument, adding an appealing and authentic dimension to the music. The instrumental piece from Cambodia named "Sarika Keo" and the renowned choir performance called "Anoman Obong" from Indonesia brought a wealth of emotions to the audience.

The performance of the instrumental piece Chang, one of the most popular songs for children in Thailand, and Khaen – a composition that expresses the pride of the Lao people through the beautiful tones of bamboo, received unending applause from the audience. Following that, the unique performance by ASEAN artists featuring the famous instrumental piece Man Taung Yeik Kho from Myanmar, Ti Ayat Ti Maysa Nga Ubing from the Philippines, and Wau Bulan - a well-known Dikir Barak folk music from Malaysia, delivered excellent musical experiences from various ASEAN nations to the attending audience.

Vietnamese artist Le Thuy Linh performed two musical compositions, Nhịp Cầu Quê Hương and Trống Cơm, receiving enthusiastic responses from both the Vietnamese and international audience. These were also the final two performances, concluding the meaningful concert by C asean Consonant in Vietnam.

Vietnam's 'Trống Cơm' was the final performance, delivering numerous surprises and excitement to the audience.

Nowadays, the ASEAN countries hold a strategically vital position as a convergence point for various world cultures, influenced by the cultures of China, India, Europe, and the Americas. The cultural diversity within this region plays a significant role in connecting and promoting interactions among different peoples, enhancing mutual understanding, contributing to regional stability, peace, and development. This diversity continues to be a powerful force for growth and transformation.

In this context, C asean Consonant's " Friendship Beyond Frontier" has provided exceptional musical experiences and contributed to the development and unity of the ASEAN region.

Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla, Chief People Officer of Thai Beverage and a board member of C asean delivered a speech at the event concert

Since its establishment in 2015, C asean has been collaborating with different public and private entities with the aim of enhancing ASEAN connectivity. C asean Vietnam is C asean’s first-ever presence outside of Thailand, opened in Jun 2022 in Hanoi. Under the umbrella of Thai Beverage Plc. (ThaiBev), C asean is a non-profit entity aiming to create a platform to connect ASEAN communities, focusing on the three key pillars of business and sustainability, leadership and talent development, and arts and culture.

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