MM Mega Market Vietnam Unveil Cutting-Edge Last-Mile Delivery System

3:26:19 PM | 10/19/2023

MM Mega Market Vietnam (MMVN), a leading player in Vietnam's wholesale retail market, has partnered with FarEye to optimize its last-mile delivery operations. MMVN, with a network of 21 hypermarkets, 6 Sourcing platforms, and 8 Depots nationwide, aims to streamline its operations and provide a superior experience to its end customers, especially professional customers.

The official launch of Last mile delivery platform in HCMC on October 18

MMVN wanted to update manual vehicle planning methods, have complete visibility of orders, and track key performance indicators (KPIs) across multiple stakeholders. To achieve this goal, the organization partnered with FarEye – the leading intelligent last-mile delivery management platform to provide efficient solutions that transform the delivery experience into a distinct competitive advantage.

The partnership is expected to bring an excellent shopping experience to MM Mega Market's customers in Vietnam

“MMVN’s last-mile delivery represents a significant leap forward in meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations. By leveraging technological advancements, focusing on efficiency and speed, optimizing routes, enhancing transparency, and providing flexibility, we have truly revolutionized the delivery process to bring significant benefits to our suppliers and customers.” – Mr. Bruno Jousselin – Managing Director of MM Mega Market Vietnam shared.

“MMVN firmly believes that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer, and our last-mile system plays a key role in achieving this goal. We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring our customers enjoy seamless, efficient, and delightful delivery experiences every time,” he added.

In the last 2 months, there have been 28 stores, depots, and food service distribution and 20 logistic service providers applying the system with 72.026 trips and 144.662 routed orders.

Firstly, last-mile delivery platform helps to enhance customer satisfaction: 89% of customers gave the system 5 stars, and 11% rated 4 stars with no negative feedback. The system also helps in the improvement of delivery KPIs: Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning-based algorithms, the system optimizes daily route schedules to minimize delays. The system enables real-time tracking of transportation and distribution, providing precise monitoring of time and location. Additionally, it facilitates the collection of customer satisfaction feedback, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the delivery process.

One of the outstanding advantages of the system is that it helps enhance productivity. The teams now are equipped with auto reports, auto billing calculation, and especially auto routing which helps to increase 10 times faster compared with manual routing. Furthermore, the last - mile delivery platform also optimizes routes. It efficiently plans last-mile routes, maximizing vehicle capacity while minimizing costs.

Speaking at the launch event, Gautam Kumar, COO & Co-founder FarEye said, “MMVN is amongst the first organizations in Vietnam to use a last-mile delivery optimization solution and FarEye is proud to be their chosen partner in this leadership journey. Our mission is to optimize the entire logistics process, and by leveraging advanced technology and data-driven solutions, we are set to transform last-mile delivery operations in the region.

With FarEye's innovative platform, we aim to enhance efficiency, streamline routes, and ensure timely deliveries, ultimately providing an exceptional experience to MM Megamarket's customers. Together, we are shaping the future of last-mile delivery and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital era, he added.

Nam Pham (Vietnam Business Forum)