Local Specialties Honored at Vietnamese Culinary Culture Festival

5:05:57 PM | 11/2/2023

The Vietnamese Culinary Culture Festival, organized by the Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Association (HTA), the Saigon Professional Chefs Chapter (SPC), the Vietnam Culinary Conservation, Research and Development Center (CRDC), and MAGGI brand - Nestlé Vietnam Company Limited, offers attendees a journey full of flavors and emotions through more than 100 typical regional culinary stalls and many exciting activities such as culinary performances, 3-course feast shows, food demonstrations, rewards, and a wall of fame in honor of Vietnamese chefs.

At this festival, MAGGI brand and its partners were honored to receive two new records on the culinary map. The first is the second-phase Vietnam Cuisine - Culture Map with 126 dishes - typical specialties of 63 provinces and cities meticulously made by chefs.

Additionally, the Online Culinary Map - an activity within the framework of a cooperation project to elevate Vietnamese cuisine called “Transform - Thousands of Ingredients, Cooking Millions of Vietnamese Dishes” launched by the Tourism Information Center (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism - VNAT) in collaboration with MAGGI brand - was awarded the record by the Vietnam Records Organization as the “Online map with the largest number of Vietnamese dishes contributed by the community”. After just over a month of launch, the map has recorded 9,422 recipes contributed by local people and the community of Vietnamese cuisine lovers across the country. Among them, the five provinces and cities with the most dishes cooked from local ingredients are Bac Giang (371 dishes), Ho Chi Minh City (280 dishes), Hanoi (193 dishes), An Giang (161 dishes) and Ba Ria-Vung Tau (151 dishes).

According to VNAT Director Nguyen Trung Khanh, “Vietnam’s tourism development strategy to 2030 defines culinary culture as one of the important product lines to enhance Vietnamese tourism competitiveness and brand name. The “Transform - Thousands of Ingredients, Cooking Millions of Vietnamese Dishes” Project is one of the initiatives to promote tourism and Vietnamese cuisine. The Vietnam National Tourism Administration always supports and accompanies localities, associations, businesses, chefs and artisans nationwide in building the value of Vietnamese culinary brands and promoting them widely in Vietnam and around the world.

By Giang Tu, Vietnam Business Forum