Empowering Influential Local Figures for Community Advancement

2:38:49 PM | 12/1/2023

Cao Bang province, nestled in the northern border region, boasts a cadre of 1,462 esteemed individuals strategically positioned in residential areas. These reputable figures, duly elected by local residents, serve as vital information conduits, bridging the gap between all-level Party committees, governments and the diverse ethnic communities that constitute 95% of the population.

Influential figures serve as information conduits between all-level Party committees, governments, and ethnic communities

In the diverse ethnic landscape of Cao Bang, reputable individuals play a pivotal role, facilitating effective communication, mobilization, and collaboration in the implementation of Party guidelines, State policies, and laws. Their contributions extend beyond informing and advocating; they actively participate in restructuring agricultural practices and fostering socio-economic development.

Within Thach An district, reputable figures consistently demonstrate their commitment by proactively disseminating information, advocating for change in crop and livestock management, and actively engaging in socioeconomic development initiatives. Notably, their efforts contribute significantly to the realization of the New Rural Development Program, creating tangible impacts on the local community.

Recognizing the crucial role of socioeconomic infrastructure in ethnic minority areas, reputable individuals have become persuasive advocates. Through various forms of communication, they creatively convey the benefits of infrastructure development while emphasizing the collective responsibility of the community. For instance, Tran Thanh Tinh of Duc Hanh village mobilized substantial financial contributions, working days, and land donations, significantly enhancing local living conditions and supporting multifaceted development.

Many reputable figures emerge as stalwart supporters of the Party and local authorities, actively leading construction programs, socioeconomic development initiatives, and poverty reduction programs. Trieu Van Phung, a respected figure in Tan Hop village, exemplifies this commitment by steering his community toward planting more valuable crops and expanding livestock farming, thereby uplifting households from hardship.

In the pursuit of eliminating temporary and dilapidated houses for poor households, reputable individuals play a crucial role. Figures like Dinh Van Chan work diligently to communicate Party and State policies, persuade supported households to build and repair their homes, and mobilize additional resources. This hands-on approach, coupled with local coordination, has yielded tangible results, with many households surpassing state-supported amounts for housing construction.

Driven by diligence, creativity, and a shared vision for community improvement, reputable individuals in Cao Bang province become beacons of economic development. Their exemplary efforts inspire fellow community members to embrace economic growth, adopt modern farming practices, and create models that contribute significantly to poverty reduction. In collaboration with the province's political system, they have achieved notable success in building new rural areas and civilized urban environments. Currently, 17 communes in Cao Bang are recognized for meeting new rural development standards, with 16 villages fulfilling these standards. Striving for advanced and higher model new rural development standards, these communities exemplify the positive impact of the concerted efforts of reputable individuals and the broader provincial political system.

The role of reputable individuals in Cao Bang province transcends mere information dissemination; they are catalysts for community advancement, economic development and poverty reduction. Through their unwavering commitment and collaborative spirit, these figures contribute significantly to the province's ongoing journey of building sustainable, prosperous and advanced rural communities.

By Ngoc Bao, Vietnam Business Forum