VASEP Targets to Raise Aquatic Exports to US$9.5 Billion

9:39:28 AM | 1/16/2024

The Viet Nam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) targets to raise the export value of aquatic products to US$9.5 billion in 2024, up 3 percent against last year.

VASEP forecast that in the first half of 2024, aquaculture export would bounce back slightly in comparison with the same period last year due to unstable market demands and global economic difficulties.

Specifically, VASEP eyes US$4 billion from exporting shrimps, and US$1.9 billion from Tra fish. 

Viet Nam's aquatic exports totalled US$9.2 billion in 2023, equivalent to 92 percent of the preset goal.

The shrimp sector was the largest contributor to the total export turnover with about US$3.45 billion, followed by tra fish (US$1.9 billion USD), mollusks (US$0.8 billion), and tuna (US$0.9 billion).

The country’s total fishery output in 2023 was estimated to top 9.2 million tons, up 2 percent compared to 2022.

Source: VGP