Leveraging Sustainable Advancement

2:38:49 PM | 1/26/2024

The science and technology sector in Binh Thuan province has witnessed significant expansion and enhancement, fueled by the national momentum in scientific and technological advancement. The sector’s endeavors are aligned with the province’s socioeconomic development objectives, addressing important issues with high applicability. This focus has led to substantial leaps in improving labor productivity, quality, efficiency, and competitiveness.

Ratification meeting for the project “Leveraging scientific and technological advancements to construct a model for organic dragon fruit cultivation in Binh Thuan province”

Agriculture and rural development account for the largest proportion of research, application and innovation. Scientific and technological research and application in the agricultural sector center on applying scientific and technical advances to create key crop varieties and main livestock breeds like testing red dragon fruit and collecting white-fleshed dragon fruit. Many technological techniques are applied to clean agricultural production, organic agriculture, and smart agriculture. In addition, many application models of scientific and technological advances have been transferred and built in ethnic minority and mountainous areas, contributing to socioeconomic development there.

In tourism, research focuses on building, managing and developing sustainable tourism brands of Binh Thuan province. Successful research will help position the province's tourism brands and register for brand protection, build a tourism brand identity for Binh Thuan province, and create a set of workable solutions for tourism brand construction, management and development. In addition, scientific and technological tasks also revolve on researching and evaluating unique values of biodiversity and natural conditions in Bung Thi Hot Springs for ecotourism conservation and development; and studying influencing factors and proposing solutions for preservation, restoration and promotion of Bau Trang landscape for sustainable tourism development.

The health sector centers on research and applications for preservation, construction and promotion of potential local medicinal resources. The social sciences and humanities field focuses on theoretical and practical research on motivating socioeconomic innovations, building the Party, constructing a socialist law-governed state, developing society, culture, history, ethnicity and religion for the construction of socioeconomic development policies.

The science and technology sector is at the forefront of fostering an innovative ecosystem by actively implementing business support projects. These initiatives are designed to catalyze technology transfer, spur innovation, enhance trade promotion, and foster the development of intellectual property. Moreover, they aim to elevate productivity and augment the quality of products.

To bolster the scientific and technological market, support activities are strategically focused on enabling local enterprises and organizations to engage in scientific seminars, explore equipment technology markets, and participate in business excursions. These opportunities are pivotal for acquiring invaluable insights into production development. Additionally, the sector provides e assistance to local entities and individuals in the creation, administration, and advancement of intellectual property.

 With its achievements, in the coming time, the science and technology sector will continue to promote research, application, and transfer of technical advances and new technologies into production; prioritize the implementation of applied scientific and technological tasks for fields that may create breakthroughs in productivity, product quality and unlock locally potential and advantageous products.

At the same time, the sector will promote support for developing the scientific and technological market, companies and services; focus on supporting innovative start-ups and forming a local innovative start-up ecosystem; implementing economic and financial mechanisms and policies to inspire businesses, especially private ones, to apply technological innovations.

The sector will perform State management of standards, measurement and quality; execute the Project “Strengthening and reforming measurements to support Vietnamese companies to enhance competitiveness and advance international integration to 2025, with a vision to 2030” in the province; instruct and assist local businesses to improve productivity and quality of products; and carry out projects on application and management origin traceability.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum