Canada Promotes Relations with Viet Nam in The New Context

11:45:17 AM | 1/26/2024

Viet Nam plays a vital role in the region, making the country an essential destination for Canada, according to Deputy Minister Christopher MacLennan.

More than a year after launching its Indo-Pacific Strategy, Canada has recognized the region's importance to its security and prosperity.

Undersecretary for international development Christopher MacLennan said the Indo-Pacific Strategy aims for a new relationship with the region. This is a recognition that Canada is a Pacific nation needing a role in the Indo-Pacific region, which will play an essential role in the future.

The new Strategy mobilizes the participation of many ministries and organizations in Canadian society, hoping to maximize its role in the region and best contribute to peace, security and prosperity for the region and Canada.

Prioritizing the implementation of the Indo-Pacific Strategy will contribute to Canada's long-term growth and prosperity. The Strategy also benefits all people through diversifying relations between the two sides.

Chief Executive Officer of Cooperation Canada Kate Higgins commented that this Strategy is genuinely an opportunity to increase investment and cooperation and strengthen relationships connecting Canadians with the region.

The goal of investment and human connection is an integral part of the Indo-Pacific Strategy because it can contribute to strengthening cooperation in the field of education, such as between Canada and Viet Nam today.

It catalyzes the implementation of such Canadian initiatives as the "Trade Gateway" in Southeast Asia and the one aiming to transform Canada into an active partner in this region.

Also on the topic, TB Nguyen, Director of the Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC), noted that trade and investment with the region, particularly ASEAN, are crucial parts of the Strategy.

Viet Nam currently stands as Canada's top trading partner within ASEAN and has long been regarded as the gateway for Canadian businesses to enter this region. The two countries have recently concluded a dynamic year filled with activities commemorating their 50th diplomatic anniversary.

Source: VGP